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Android 9.0 Code name Leaked – Starts With the Alphabet ‘P’

Proud to be an Android 8.0 Oreo user? What if we tell you that Google has already started to work on Android 9.0. What if we tell you that we have the first alphabet leaked of Android 9.0 code name. Well, everything we said is true.

When the users have just started using Android 8.0 on limited smartphones, Google has restarted the pace of progress and begins to develop the next generation of Android system.

Today, XDA developer Mishaal Rahman broke the news that Andrews open source project added a label called “master-p”, which means that Google’s next-generation Android 9.0 code name may start with the alphabet “P”. The first one, titled “master is now P”, was just merged to the master branch last night. In the changes made to the file, we can see the new platform code name and version.

Android 9.0 code name

We witness that even the platform version changes from OPR1 to PPR1.

The next image titled ‘master is P only, removing old values’ reveals that Google changes the platform version in the compatibility test from 8.0 to simply P. Remember that Google did the same last time for Android 8.0 when they shifted the letter O instead of the 8.0. Is this coincidence?

Android 9.0 code name 1

This could even be Android 8.0 maintenance, which is Android 8.1. But if that so why they even changed the platform version as well as adding master P.

However, there’s no clear message at all from the AOSP. It’s possible that Android 9.0 will be Android P but it’s not official yet nor there’s a solid evidence. In addition, the developer also said that Android 8.1 developmental work has already begun. Let’s see what Android ‘P’ stands for, maybe pickle or pie or peanut butter. What do you guys think?



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  1. OMG! Of course Android 9 is going to start with “P”….the codenames have been going alphabetically in order 😂. They will release the name in August 2018

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. No, the codenames were not in alphabetical order from the start. Remember, Gingerbread released and after that Ice Cream Sandwich released. It moved from G to I. After that, the codename started to be alphabetical. However, Google sometimes can go unexpectedly.

      Right now, we need to know whether the ‘P’ stands for Popsicle, Peanut butter, Pie, or the unusual and the worst ‘pickle’.

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