Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Interactive Gestures Explained | Pro Features for Pro Device

Apple has recently released the Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset for $3,400, shaking the entire headset industry. The device is premium from every side and has some of the most significant features. Apple has ensured users get an experience like never before, with all the new and unique features for user assistance. 6 main types of interactive gestures are further divided into subcategories.

News Highlights

  • Users can click their thumb and index to click on the virtual element in the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Simply double-tapping the headset initiates the double-tap gesture
  • Pinch and hold to highlight texts and more
  • Scroll in the virtual world with the help of pinch and hold
  • Zoom is the most essential feature and can be used with two hands
  • Users can rotate virtual objects with the help of two hands

Main Features of the Apple Vision Pro

Users can click their thumb and index finger at the same time; it will send the signal to the Apple Vision Pro headset to click on the virtual element being displayed in your view. Moreover, the function can also be used as a pinch, similar to tapping on the iPhone’s screen. 

Double tapping on the headset indicates a double tap gesture, the most basic function one can perform with one hand. Moreover, users can pinch and hold to perform different activities. It is very similar to tap and holding, which can highlight text and other stuff. 

Apple Vision Pro

Another feature very much similar to tap and hold is pinch and drag. The function can be used to scroll and move windows. It can be used to scroll horizontally as well as vertically. Furthermore, users can scroll even faster if they move their hands fast enough. 

The Apple Vision Pro comes with double-hand gestures as well. The first is Zoom. Users can pinch the fingers together to pull the handle wide open. It will produce a shrinking and a propulsive movement. Furthermore, users can resize the window by dragging in the corners. 

Rotate is another useful two-handed gesture and is very easy to use. Users can pinch their fingers together and rotate their hands to manipulate virtual objects. 

Apple has taken care of the users by releasing a premium device with even more useful features. Are you buying the device or think it is too expensive?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)