Babahu X1

Babahu X1 – When A Toothbrush Gets Smart!

For years we have known electric toothbrushes. Many manufacturers seek to make them smarter as global technology advances. However, these brushes must be controlled by the user, which could result in that despite being smart, if they are not used correctly, the result would be the same as using a common toothbrush. Today we present you the Babahu X1, which stands out.

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Babahu X1 - When A Toothbrush Gets Smart!

The Babahu X1 is not a simple smart toothbrush, it adopts AI technique and is designed for adults/kids to brush teeth efficiently and scientifically! This makes us realize that artificial intelligence technology is reaching all areas of our day today.

Babahu X1 – Design and construction

The Babahu X1 is constructed with super soft 6D bristles that cover the teeth from the 6 sides with a specific angle of 45º. Durability is guaranteed all the time thanks to a mouthpiece made of edible silicone approved by the FDA. Also, the entire toothbrush is anti-drop and waterproof because of the IPX7 certification.

Babahu X1 - Design and construction

Its manufacture is based on a U-shaped nozzle design, with three sizes available according to age: from 0 to 6 years, 6 to 12 years and adults. The user only has to put the toothpaste, put the mouthpiece in the mouth and turning on the brush. The cleaning process is automated once it is turned on. So, it’s absolutely hands-free, enabling you to have time to make coffee, read the news or check emails while brushing your teeth at the same time!

Babahu X1 - Design and construction

The device for children, in addition to being smaller, has a particular design that comes in two presentations. One is brown with the face of a bear drawn on the handle, while the other has the face of a rabbit and is pink. For adults, we only have a white presentation.

Babahu X1 - Design and construction

Babahu X1 – Features

The system is responsible for cleaning each tooth, based on its own and classification and algorithm. Each zone will have specific brushing depending on the type of tooth: incisor, canine or molar; it brush them on different frequencies in the correct way. For this, the Babahu X1 makes use of the Bass technique, a method that is based on making vertical movements of the gum towards the edge of the tooth.

The brush uses a sonic force that is 12 times more powerful than traditional brushing, achieving a 360° deep cleaning in just 20 seconds. Each bristle’s vibration amplitude is at only 1 mm. This brushing technique used is recommended by more than 80% of dentists worldwide.

Babahu X1 - Features

The Babahu X1 has equipped a battery that offers an autonomy of up to 2 hours of continuous use which allows up to 30 days of use without having to reload it. In addition, it has a fast wireless charge technology Qi for easy use.

Babahu X1 – Save up to 58% off!

You can find the Babahu X1 at the collective financing platform Indiegogo, where you will know when they will launch the device if you make an advance reservation. The best of it is that you will receive a 58% discount, an advantage that will only be available to the first 300 subscribers. You can enter the official page of the project through the following link: