Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – Step-by-Step User Guide 2021

In the world of technology, there are a large number of products, which can be used to improve our lives at home or for personal and recreational use. Among the many products that are currently available, we have the earbuds, and here we have talked about some of them, as well as the Skullcandy Indy Anc. In this article, we are going to show you the user manual of one of these products, the Bose Quietcomfort earbuds, as well as the correct way to use them in this new Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual | All you need to know about!

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – How to pair?

Something to clarify is, for the best experience, use the Bose Music app to set up and connect your mobile device.

Step 1: Press and hold the Bluetooth button in the charging case until you hear “Ready to connect.” If you’re not wearing the earbuds, press and hold the Bluetooth button in the charging case until the earbud status lights slowly pulse blue.

Step 2: On your device, enable the Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature is usually found in the Settings menu.

Step 3: Select the earbuds from the device list. Look for the name you entered for your earbuds in the Bose Music app. If you didn’t name your earbuds, the default name appears as “BOSE QC EARBUDS”. Once connected, you’ll hear “Connected to” and the earbuds’ name appears in the mobile device list.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – How to connect to PC?

Connect to Windows PC

Step 1: Power on the PC.

Step 2: Put the earbuds in pairing mode by pressing the button on the case until the Bluetooth light slowly blinks.

Step 3: On your computer, go to the Bluetooth settings and select “Add Bluetooth” or other devices.

Step 4: From the list of available Bluetooth devices, select the “BOSE QC EARBUDS”, and then click Done when it connects.

While connected, “Paired” appears below the product name in the computer Bluetooth settings.

Connect to Mac OSX 10.9.2 or newer

Step 1: Power on the PC.

Step 2: Put the earbuds in pairing mode by pressing the button on the case until the Bluetooth light slowly blinks.

Step 3: From your computer desktop, click the Bluetooth icon from the menu bar in the upper-right

Step 4: Click “Open Bluetooth Preferences”.

Step 5: From the list of available Bluetooth devices on the right, click “Pair” next to the “BOSE QC EARBUDS” and wait for the computer to confirm it’s connected.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual - How to connect to PC?

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – How to reset?

Step 1: Connect the charging case to power.

Step 2: Place the earbuds in the charging case.

Step 3: Close the charging case lid for 5 seconds, then open the lid.

Step 4: In the charging case, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 30 seconds and then release it. The earbud LEDs will blink, glow solid white, and then blink blue.

Step 5: On the device that was previously connected to your product, go to the device Bluetooth settings and Remove or Forget your Bose product from the device Bluetooth memory.

Step 6: Reconnect your product to the device.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – How to turn on ANC (Active Noise Canceling)?

Step 1: In the Bose Connect app, tap the Settings icon to view your product settings.

Step 2: Tap Noise Cancellation.

Step 3: Select a noise cancellation mode:

  • High: World-class noise cancellation with Bose optimized audio.
  • Low: Noise cancellation fine-tuned for audio listening in quieter or windy environments.
  • Off: Noise cancellation disabled. When noise cancellation is disabled, so is the active audio EQ, which affects the quality of sound.

How to turn on ANC (Active Noise Canceling)?

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – Control instructions

  • Play/Pause: Double-tap the right earbuds touch panel.
  • Answer/End a call: Double-tap the right earbuds touch panel.
  • Decline a call: Touch and hold the right earbuds touch panel.
  • Access mobile device voice control: Touch and hold the right earbuds touch panel until you hear a tone. Release, and then say your request.
  • Stop mobile device voice control: Double-tap the right earbuds touch panel.
  • Increase the volume*: Swipe up on the right earbuds touch panel.
  • Decrease the volume*: Swipe down on the right earbuds touch panel.

*To enable this feature, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – Where to get Bose Quietcomfort accessories?

You can get replacement parts and accessories by ordering them through Bose customer service. Visit:

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual – Where to get Bose Quietcomfort charging case?

You can get the charging case by ordering it online. Visit:

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual - Control instructions


My Bose Quietcomfort doesn’t connect to PC/laptop

Step 1: Add the device doing Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > add device. If you already did this and don’t see the headphones under Sound Manager, uninstall the drivers, restart your pc and try again.

Step 2: Still in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound, click on Devices and Printers, right-click on the headphones icon, go to Properties, and then to the “Services” tab. Wait for the list to get updated and deactivate “Handsfree Telephony”.

Step 3: Restart your PC.

My Bose Quietcomfort does not turn off

You can hard reboot the earbuds by putting them in the case and pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for 30 plus seconds.


Are Bose Quietcomfort earbuds waterproof?

Yes, they have the IPX4 certification.

Are Bose Quietcomfort earbuds good for running?

Yes, they are good for running and exercising.

Are Bose Quietcomfort earbuds worth it?

Yes, they are a great do-it-all option.

Do Bose Quietcomfort earbuds have a microphone?

Yes, they have an integrated microphone on the right earbud.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds – Warnings

  1. Never dismantle or refit the product to avoid malfunction or fire hazards.
  2. Keep away from corrosive liquids to avoid damages to the product.
  3. Keep away from extreme ambient temperatures below -10C° or above 60°C.
  4. Keep away from children and pets.
  5. Never touch the earphone with sharp objects, otherwise, it will easily cause scratches.
  6. Don’t use the product in thunderstorm weather to avoid malfunction or electric shock.
  7. If it has not been used for more than a month, please charge and maintain it in time to ensure that it is safe.
  8. Since the Bluetooth signal cannot be transmitted underwater, swimming, diving will cause the signal disconnected or intermittent.

We hope you now know how to operate the earphone from the above Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Manual. Want to know anything about the earphones? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.

  1. While running with my Apple ear pods, I can skip a song by simply tapping the left pod. What’s involved with skipping with my Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds?

  2. My left earbud doesn’t work, I got these for Christmas the left earbud worked for about an hour!!! Very frustrated with Bose! Should I return them?

    1. Even though I have manually connected the earbuds to my phone, the Bose app can’t find it. So, I can’t complete the set up, no noise-canceling, no volume control, etc. That is why I was looking for the manual online. The bus can’t be setup without the app????
      Please help.

  3. when using my earbuds for phone calls the caller or person I am calling says the connection is terrible and it sounds like I am in an echo chamber. How do I fix this.

    1. Did you ever get a reply or get that fixed – my brand new quietcomfort II earbuds anyone I talk to says cnnection is bad and they can hear every noise

    1. I have the same problem…straight out of the box and this is the story…very disappointing and frustraing

  4. Is it possible to turn off the double tap the right earbud to end a call? I use these for work and when I go to adjust the earbud, once in a while it hangs up the call I am on. Which is annoying.

  5. My Quietcomfort earbuds are stopping playing music on my iPhone 11 Pro Max after about 10 seconds or so. I change to a different song it stars playing then goes dead. I’ve not had this problem previously. Owned them for 6 months. They have been idle for about a month while I was recovering from a bad cold so they sat in the charging box unused. I just did an update through the Bose app, no change. Was thinking of just doing a hard reboot.

    Is there anything else I should try?


    1. It looks like a firmware problem. Did you try them on another phone? I think you should contact Bose support regarding this or wait for the firmware update.

  6. My Bose QC earbuds will connect with my Android cell but they cut in & out something fierce. Cannot find a fix.

  7. disappointed with the Bluetooth connection, it can only connect to one device at a time…:( Not like the soundsport earbuds (wired) that i owned before that it can connect to both phone and the lap top..

  8. Dear team, I have some parasite noises in the right earbud in all noise cancellation modes. Dose not mater if it is full, half or off. The problem persist and after full reboot. Highly appreciate if could help me with this. Thank you in advance! K. Kosharof

    1. Yes, that parasite noise you say is called ‘white noise’ which appears when the earbuds are connected and not playing anything. It’s not common, but some TWS even from other manufacturers might have this. Sadly, this can’t be fixed and you might have to return the product and get a new one.

      1. Thank you, likely you are right! We got to the same conclusion with the costumer assistant from Bose… Whatever, thank you for trying to help me!

  9. Unable to connect my bose earphones or earplugs to my PC – could previously no blue light. they are connected to my Ipad

    1. Well, isn’t it a known fact that Windows 10 Bluetooth system is bad. Even my QCY T5 was not able to connect (pair) along with some other earbuds. Things you can do are:

      1. Try installing the Bluetooth driver again.
      2. Unpairing all other earbuds previously connected.
      3. Check if any nearby device (phone etc.) isn’t connected to the earbuds.

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