Edifier X3 TWS earphones hands on

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Recently, Edifier appeared in Aliexpress Featured Brand. Various Edifier earphones are being offered at a discounted price, and some have the lowest price of all time. Among them is the Edifier X3 TWS earphones, Aliexpress most selling TWS earphones, has also hit the lowest price of all time which is only $20.99. You can buy Edifier X3 for the lowest price right now and tomorrow sharp at 5:00 am UTC the sale will end. Here’s the link to the store and the promotion page:

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Edifier X3 TWS Earphones – The Cheapest Qualcomm AptX Earphones

Edifier X3 are complete in-ear earbuds with the plastic build and matte black color which features the True Wireless Stereo Technology. These are also IPX5 certified which means that they can be used during rainy sessions and are also sweatproof.

Edifier X3 TWS Earphones

For a premium experience, they provide a touch operation system instead of the traditional buttons.

In terms of hardware, Edifier X3 integrates a Qualcomm audio chip which enables AptX audio decoding. In fact, these earbuds are the only earbuds available under $25 which offer AptX audio decoding. Moreover, the Bluetooth module is also v5.0 and the connectivity range is around 10 meters.  This earbud is recommended for gaming because it has a Qualcomm chip and Bluetooth 5.0 which offers low latency without the need of gaming mode.

Edifier X3 can be used as both mono and stereo speakers since each has a separate microphone with CVC 8.0 to decrease background noise while calling.

Buy Edifier X3 TWS

As far as the sound quality is considered, it’s the  best one under this price tag beating QCY T5, Redmi Airdots, and other contenders . The credit goes to the 13nm dynamic driver which is the largest we have seen in a TWS earphone along with 16bit/44.1kHz audio frequency and AptX decoding rate up to 352kbps, with CD quality sound. In comparison to QCY T5, it has a much-controlled bass, slightly better details, and clarity, and most importantly better audio latency without going into gaming mode.

Coming to the battery part, the earbuds has an extended playback time of 24 hours from the 500mAh case battery. A single charge can give you 4 to 5 hours of continous playback.

Edifier X3 TWS Earphones Manual – How to Operate?

Edifier X3 can be operated via the following commands:

  • A quick touch – Play pause or play music /answer or hang up the call
  • Double touch on left earbud – Previous song
  • Double touch on right earbud – Next song
  • Triple touch – Call for Siri/Google assistant
  • Long touch for 2 seconds – Reject call/ disconnect the current A2DP connection
  • Long touch for 5 seconds – Switch on/off

Edifier X3 vs QCY T5

Edifier X3 is better than QCY T5 in these aspects:

  • Latency
  • Sound Quality
  • AptX decoding
  • Microphone
  • Durability
  • Range
  • Battery life

QCY T5 is better than Edifier X3 in these aspects:

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Better master control (mono) usage

You can also read the QCY T5 earbuds review to know better about these earphones.

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