Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set – Automatic Detection and Night Vision

An excellent addition to the “smart” system of Xiaomi will be the Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set, whose installation will significantly improve the security of your home. The device, despite its compact dimensions, is multifunctional and can even change the host’s voice when speaking with a guest.

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Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set – Improve the security!

Design & Appearance 

It received an ergonomic body, in which there is nothing superfluous. Durable ABS plastic that can withstand slight mechanical stress is used to manufacture the device. A little less than half of the front surface of the box is occupied by a video camera with several sensors, which are visually highlighted by placing them in a black plastic insert.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

Also on the front there is a call button, in the middle of which is the camera for the videocall. It is recommended to place the bell at the height of an adult, which will allow the device to better perform the scanning procedure for an object near the door. The viewing angle of the camcorder is 105°.

The receiver module is a small square white box. The entire front surface is occupied by the loudspeaker, and three control keys are located on the right side. The video doorbell has dimensions of 111mm x 61mm x 23mm. While the loundspeaker has dimensions of 74mm x 74mm x 38mm. And everything together weighs 28g.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

How does it work?

The device is equipped with sensitive sensors, so that the recognition of a person’s face with high precision is done at a distance of up to three meters.
The Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set is also equipped with a face recognition application, so the owner can add images of all household members and frequent guests to the device’s database. The presence of this option will allow the device to automatically recognize visitors in the future and send the corresponding notification to the smartphone to the owner. It has a working temperature between 0 – 45 Deg.C.

The video image take it with the Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set will be transmitted to the user’s mobile phone, since the device itself is not equipped with a screen. The option of night vision was also implemented, which is responsible for four built-in infrared sensors.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

The product also has the following functions:

  1. Determine the parameters of an unknown host. It implies the transfer of information about the age of the visitor and even the details of its appearance. This mode is relevant if it is not possible to see the video of the call. Unfortunately, voice transmission is still possible only in Chinese, but the manufacturer promises to connect all the major languages ​​of the world, including Russian.
  2. Parental control. In the event that the child is alone at home, the device can arrange a preliminary transfer of all calls through the main smartphone. Thanks to this, an adult will decide whether to allow a guest to enter the house or not.
  3. Security mode. When this mode is activated, the device automatically starts video recording when it detects an object within a radius of three meters. Video streaming is possible both on the user’s smartphone and in the cloud storage (this option is used by default). In the event that the peephole is closed by hand, a corresponding notification will be sent to the smartphone.
  4. Synchronization with the “smart home” system. The device can participate in household activities in which several smart devices are synchronized.
  5. Children’s mode. It allows to change the voice. Therefore, when a child speaks through the device, it can become that of an adult man, in order to deceive strangers.
Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set


The communication between the module and the call itself is made through Wi-Fi 433MHz RF, while the ZigBee proprietary protocol, in which most of Xiaomi’s intelligent devices operate, is unfortunately not compatible. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above version.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

Specification Sheet

ModelXiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set
Dimensions7.00 x 3.00 x 12.00cm
Camera resolution1280 x 720P
Working temperature0 - 45 Deg.C
Battery4 x AA LR6 1.5V ( not included )
ConnectionWiFi, 433MHz RF
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above version
IR Light4pcs 850nm
Features- AI face identification
- Motion detection and SMS video push
- Infrared night vision
- Free cloud video storage
- Real-time talking
- Support up to 4 users connect at the same time
- Transmitter range is more than 50 meters


  1. AI face identification 
  2. Night vision mode
  3. Children’s mode
  4. Transmitter range 50 meters
  5. Motion detection


  1. It works with AA batteries
  2. Does not compatible with ZigBee
  3. Does not equipped with a screen

Our Verdict

The device, due to its functionality and efficiency, can significantly increase the safety of the home. The device perfectly does its main task, since not only can it transmit video, but it also activates the alarm when someone try to break into the house or steal the device. Even if the attacker manages to steal it, the built-in security system will not allow you to connect to another account. The advantages of smart video call also include the presence of a child mode. The best part is that its price is really affordable.

Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi AI Face Identification Video Doorbell Set is currently in stock at the Gearbest store with 50% discount thanks to its presale. The price is $59.99.