Xiaomi Smart Air Detector

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector – High Precision Comprehensive Monitor

Environmental pollution is a problem that plagues many countries in the world. Currently, China is one of the most affected and several regions of Asia suffer the ravages. For this reason, Xiaomi has released excellent air purifiers. However, if we remember the first generation of the Mi Air Purifier, this had no built-in screen, so to know the parameters of the environment had to acquire the Mi PM2.5 Detector, a useful air monitor. Today the company has improved the formula and launched the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector with innovative design and features.

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Xiaomi Smart Air Detector

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector – Monitoring of Indoor Air

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is an indoor air monitor with an unique appearance. Due to its advanced technology, Xiaomi offers us an outstanding design that, if we compare, is above the Mi PM2.5 Detector. This Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is bigger and more practical because it integrates a widescreen with many more interesting options.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Design & Appearance

Its design also presents an elevation of 15 degrees, making it more convenient to view the parameters on the screen. Among other things, we also have an innovative ventilation design for a more efficient operation of the sensor, this is presented as a slot that is below the screen.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Design & Appearance


This is one of its biggest advantages because it is equipped with a retinal ultra clear IPS screen with 3.1-inch, a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels and a density per pixels of 328PPI. It is capacitive and supports a touch and slide intuitive and natural. Also, have the features of automatic brightness adjustment, large viewing angle, and high contrast.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Display

Hardware & App

Internally we find a quad-core A7 CPU with 1.2GHz. This is what allows the processing of products and the multi-mode compensation algorithm that offers a more precise measurement of the air and the contaminants found in it.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Hardware & App

The new Xiaomi Smart Air Detector supports “MiHome” APP, together they offer an intelligent linkage air improvement equipment. Facilitating the control of the air fan for PM2.5, tVOC and CO2 particles, the air fresh for the PM2.5 particles, in addition to the air conditioner and the humidifier.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Hardware & App


Of course, because it is an air monitor, the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has features that allow knowing the state of the indoor air with a comprehensive monitoring. We can know about environmental contaminants and other aspects of air. It mainly measures PM2.5 particles, the biggest pollutant in the air, especially in populated cities. But it can also measure tVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Features

The PM2.5 is expressed in µg/m³, the tVOC in mg/m³, the carbon dioxide in % RH, the temperature in °C and the humidity in ppm.

But it can even show other parameters related more than anything with outdoor air conditions. You can know the time, the weather forecast, the outdoor air quality (AQI) and the UV index.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector - Features

Specification Sheet

ModelXiaomi Smart Air Detector
Dimensions 8.50 x 6.84 x 8.63 cm
Hardware1.2GHz Quad-core A7 CPU
DisplayRetina Ultra Clear IPS.
3.1 Inch. Resolution 720 x 720. PPI 328.
Screen OperationCapacitive Touch Screen
FeaturesMonitor: temperature, humidity, Outdoor Air Quality (AQI), PM2.5, tVOC, Carbon Dioxide Value.

Others: Time, Weather Forecast, UV index.
AppSupport MiHome


  • Measurement of the biggest environmental pollutants.
  • Practical touchscreen.
  • Excellent and convenient design.


  • Does not specify the wireless connection.

Our Verdict

If you want to monitor the air in your home and know the pollutants that are present in your day to day, the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is an excellent choice that you can control through the MiHome App. You can also use it as a bedside clock or to know the weather forecast, for example. A great companion that will perfectly combine with the design of your home thanks to its technological appearance.

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi Smart Air Detector is currently in stock at the Gearbest store at a cost of $187.42.