DF99 Human Body Induction Camera featured

DF99 Human Body Induction Camera – Invisible Security Camera For $55

Security cameras have become an indispensable product for homes and businesses. The problem with these is that they are mostly very expensive and very bulky for installation. Also, if you want to change its location, it is very difficult. This is where products like the DF99 Human Body Induction Camera come into play. A very small camera with easy installation and unique features that will allow us to record everything we want at an affordable price.

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DF99 Human Body Induction Camera – An easy-to-use companion

Design & Appearance

The DF99 Human Body Induction Camera is a very compact device that has dimensions of 5.60 x 2.20 x 1.60cm and a weight of only 20 grams, thus exceeding all conventional cameras to have the ability to be located anywhere in a simple way, without a previous installation. It’s merely the size of your finger. That’s why we bet that it’s impossible to detect.

DF99 Human Body Induction Camera dimensions

On the front side are the camera and the electromagnetic wave sensor, while on the four sides there are the different interfaces and buttons for handling and transmitting data.

Also, it has multiple supports for easy configuration, so you will be able to locate it wherever you want. Whether on the wall or at an inclination angle, the DF99 Human Body Induction Camera can be used as desired.


The most important of the DF99 Human Body Induction Camera is, obviously, the camera. It can record amazing videos in 720 x 480p at 30fps. Also, the angle of view of the lens is 72 degrees, giving it an excellent visual capacity. The videos are recorded in AVI format.

DF99 Human Body Induction Camera accessories


Unlike most conventional surveillance cameras, the DF99 Human Body Induction Camera has a built-in microphone to provide audio.

One of the most remarkable functions is the existence of an electromagnetic wave sensor that allows the camera to start recording at the moment it detects a person within its range of 5 meters at an angle of up to 90 degrees. In any case, if a constant recording is desired, this can be achieved simply by switching between modes with the button on the right side.


The DF99 Human Body Induction Camera has a 200mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery. Thanks to it, the device will not need a constant power supply. It can be on standby for up to 5 days or record for up to 3.5 hours. Also, with a recharge of only 3 hours, it will be ready to return to action.

DF99 Human Body Induction Camera Battery


The camera has a tray for MicroSD card, which is where the recorded video will be stored. If it does not have a card, it will go off within 15 seconds of starting the recording. It also has a 5-pin Micro USB port that will be used mostly for recharging the device.

Specification Sheet

ModelDF99 Human Body Induction Camera
Dimensions5.60 x 2.20 x 1.60cm
Interface TypeMini USB
Storage SupportMicroSD Card
Video FormatAVI
Video CodingM-JPG
Video Resolution720 x 480p
Lens Angle72 degree
Sensor Radius5 meters
Sensor Angle90 degree
Charging VoltageDC-5V
Standby Time5 Days
Shooting Time3.5 Hours
Charging Time3 Hours


  • Easy to install
  • Electromagnetic wave sensor
  • Multiple accessories


  • Does not have internal storage

Our Verdict

The DF99 Human Body Induction Camera is an excellent portable camera that will allow us to record all the places we want without complicated installations. Also, the memory will not be oversaturated with unnecessary videos due to the inclusion of the electromagnetic sensor, which gives the camera the ability to record only those moments that interest us.

Price & Availability

Currently, the DF99 Human Body Induction Camera is available on Gearbest for just $55.00. Do not miss the chance to acquire an excellent product for your safety.