Divoom Ditoo Pro Speaker | The Cute Little Retro PC for Just $80

Do you want to enjoy music to the fullest? Are you willing to fill your room with the melodious voice of your favorite singer? However, you are unable to get the results you want. If a speaker performs well, it looks off. Whereas, if it looks good, it cannot provide a soulful music experience. Worry not, as the Divoom Ditoo Pro is here to improve your life. 

Not only is it a speaker, but it can do a lot more stuff. Users can customize the screen, play games, use the DJ mixer, etc. It doesn’t matter if you turn it on or place it on the table. It is worth every penny in every situation. This article will discuss the different aspects of this cute retro-style speaker and help you make the best decision. Moreover, we will be comparing it to the other options available in the market.

ModelDivoom Ditoo Pro
Dimensions90 x 114 x 121 mm
Screen16*16 LED
Speaker Size48mm
ColorsWhite, Pink, Black, Green, Blue
RGB6 Keys
49 RGB Modes
Output Power15W
Playback Time8 Hours Music
24 Hours Clock Only
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
USB Type C

Design & Appearance

The best part about Divoom Ditoo Pro has to be its cute little body. It is made of a high-quality speaker that speaks of quality from all angles. It has a screen on the front, 6 mechanical RGB buttons, and a lever to interact with. The body looks like a small retro PC, giving a nostalgic feel.


It has a 48mm 15W speaker on the top that will generate all the lovely tunes for you. While the enhanced bass output is on the back. This gives it a surround sound-type vibe. The buttons for On/Off, TF memory card slot, and Type C charging port are also on the back. It also has a small light indicator under the screen for battery percentage. There is also an air vent on the bottom side to cool the speaker when used for longer intervals.

The official dimensions of the device are 90 x 114 x 121 mm, weighing around 533g. This makes it lightweight enough to roam around with. 

Divoom Ditoo Pro is known for its appearance and various color options. Currently, it is for sale in 5 different colors

  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green 
  • Blue

Screen & Display

The Divoom Ditoo has a 16*16 LED display in a square shape. It has some thick bezels to give it an old-school vibe. All the 256LEDs are programmable and are controlled by the app. Users can connect the screen to the app through a wireless connection. The clock on the device can be set to the user’s liking.

Moreover, users can also customize the equalizer display according to their needs. There are hundreds of pre-installed templates that you can choose from. Furthermore, users can also make their pixel art. Anything you like can be set on the screen and will be played when you listen to music. 

The pixel art display will change as you play the music. It has such a bright and colorful display that makes listening to music even better.


The Divoom Ditoo Pro has 6 RGB mechanical keys that feel tactile and have a soothing sound. 49 RGB lighting effects make the device even better if you enjoy it. The M key can be used for menu options, and the backward and forward buttons can be used for selecting and changing backlight colors. At the same time, the plus and minus buttons can be used to adjust volume and brightness. 


It also has a karaoke button to make things even better. Also, the lever can be used for making selections or playing games as you like.


The Divoom Ditoo Pro is powered by a massive 5000mAh battery that can last a long. If you use all the RGBs and the pixelated screen, the device can provide a playback time of 8 hours. If you use just the clock feature, it can last about 24 hours.

It is very good compared to the size and power of this device. It has a Type C charging port on the back.


The Divoom Ditoo Pro has a scannable bar code that lets you download the application from Playstore and Apple store. Or users can manually search for the official Divoom app. Consumers can connect using Bluetooth 5. It has a maximum wireless range of 10m to 20m and a frequency range of 80Hz-20KHz

The app lets you select or make your pixel art for the screen. Don’t forget to share it with other users so they can enjoy your creativity. It also has the option for live text.

Users can also play the songs through the memory card slot on the back of the device. Or connect it to a PC through the type C port.


The Divoom Ditoo Pro is not only limited to songs and pixel art. You can also play games on it. How cool is that? A small portable speaker with so much power. Users can enjoy mini-games with the help of 6 mechanical keys and a small little joystick. Games like Snake Xenxia, Angry Birds, etc., come pre-installed on the device.


Users can not only listen to music but also create it as they like. Connect it to the official application and have fun with the piano and guitar. Record your voice as well, and you have a professional music studio in the palm of your hand.

Why miss notifications when you are listening to music? Users can receive notifications from almost all the leading applications by connecting the Divoom Ditoo Pro to the official software. 

You can also use it as a clock for your shelf. With the help of a timer and stopwatch, it can help you study and get good grades.

The best part is the sound command. You can turn off the retro speaker with just a single clap. Or skip the song by making your desired sound. 

Pros & Cons


  • Nice Built Quality
  • 15W Premium Speakers
  • 49RGB Modes for Keys
  • Battery Indicator
  • Voice Control
  • Custom Pixel Art
  • 5000mAh Battery


  • Squeaky Sounds When on Charge

Our Verdict

Divoom Ditoo Pro is something one can’t miss. From an aesthetically pleasing design to loudspeakers. This device can do anything you want it to do. It has some of the best customizable options, a build quality that will last for years, and features you won’t see in any other ordinary retro speaker.

The only downfall to this portable speaker is that it is too good to be ignored from optimal quality in speakers to the screen. Everything stands out on its own. However,  it may produce some squeaky sounds when on charge.

Without any doubt, this is the best spending of your hard-earned $80 to give more character to your room.

Pricing & Availability

Luckily, this device only takes two to five days for free delivery across the USA. Currently, the device is on sale for more than 50%. It has dropped the price from $174 to $80, an offer you shouldn’t miss.

Divoom Ditoo Pro Comparison With Other Portable Speakers

Ditoo Pro vs Ditoo Plus

Ditoo Pro has

  • More Powerful 15W Speaker Output
  • Bigger Battery Capacity of 5000mAh
  • Battery Indicator that changes light according to percentage
  • Cooling holes on the bottom for longer use
  • Button to Switch between playback modes
  • More Connection Methods such asType C to PC

Ditoo Plus has

  • 10W Speaker Output
  • More Color Options
  • 300mAh Battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection only
  • More Affordable Price
  • Lighter Weight
  • Buttons on the side
ModelDitoo ProDitoo Plus
Dimensions90 x 114 x 121 mm90 x 114 x 121 mm
Screen16*16 LED
16*16 LED
Speaker Size48mm45mm
RGB6 Keys
49 RGB Modes
6 Keys
49 RGB Modes
ColorsBlack, White, Green, Blue, PinkBlack, White, Green, Blue, Pink, Red
Output Power15W10W
Playback Time8 Hours Music
24 Hours Clock Only
8 – 10 Hours of Music
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
USB Type C
Bluetooth 5.0

As the name suggests, the Divoom Ditoo Pro is the pro version regarding features. It has a bigger battery, a more powerful speaker, and better connectivity options. However, the Ditoo Plus is best for someone looking for the same aesthetics as Ditoo Pro. But at a more affordable price, it has the same body with more color options, a smaller battery, and a less powerful speaker.

Ditoo Pro vs Zooe

Divoom Ditoo Pro has

  • Bigger Speaker of 48mm
  • RGB Mechanical Keys
  • Better and Bigger Speaker of 48mm
  • Cooling Holes on the Bottom
  • Bigger Battery of 5000mAh

Divoom Zooe has 

  • More Affordable Price
  • Lighter Weight
  • Retro TV style design
ModelDitoo ProDitoo Plus
Dimensions90 x 114 x 121 mm66 x 71 x 73 mm
Screen16*16 LED
16*16 LED
Speaker Size48mm40mm
RGB6 Keys
49 RGB Modes
ColorsBlack, White, Green, Blue, PinkGreen, Pink
Output Power15W3W
Playback Time8 Hours Music
24 Hours Clock Only
6 Hours of Music
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
USB Type C
Bluetooth 5.0

Divoom Zooe is best for someone who wants a retro TV rather than the Pro’s PC style. It is lightweight, compact, has the same great screen, and will cost you a few dollars. The Divoom Ditoo Pro is for someone who wants to take things to the next level. It has a bigger body, more features, and a higher price.