EMUI 10.1

Bye Bye EMUI ROM! Huawei Removes All EMUI Firmwares From Website

Smartphones get Android UI updates via three ways: wired ROM update, ROM update via card, and OTA (over-the-air) updates. However, Huawei smartphones are now limited to OTA updates. Why? Because today, all of sudden Huawei announces to end ROM updates for its dedicated UI for smartphones “EMUI” by deleting all the EMUI firmware from its official website. The website has a notice saying:

To deliver a more convenient and satisfactory update service, Huawei now only provides online updates for its phones, Tables, etc. SD card update packages are no longer supplied.By this time,all the SD card upgrade packages will be removed from the website and the download page will be closed.

Top 3 Reasons Why Huawei Abandoned EMUI Android - Notice 1

If you close the notice and try clicking on the image of the phones, it redirects you to a blank page. This confirms that the ROM images have indeed been removed.

The reason could be that with the ROM available to the whole world from the internet in a single compressed file might increase security risk. Everyone knows that Android security is not that much advance as of iOS. The ROM update can be studied by custom ROM builders. To make it more secure, Huawei decides to stop the firmware/ROM to the public, making it private and only available on OTA. But what if there’s an update but people in some particular region is not getting the update. There would be no more manual install option for that user.