Graphene Heated Neck Wrap

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap – Relief The Pain For Only $33

We are in a time where we spend a lot of time in front of a computer. For that reason, there are many people who suffer from pain or stiff neck. There are therapies to treat these conditions but cost a lot of money. To take care of your economy and your health, there is the Graphene Heated Neck Wrap. Today you can buy it for only $33.

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As its name said, the Graphene Heated Neck Wrap has one of the newest high-tech materials on the market: graphene. This material is a carbon atom film. Thanks to it, it is lightweight and thin. However, it is also very tough and hard and can be used in a wide range of electronics products. This proves to be handy in the case of the curvature of the neck. The Graphene Heated Neck Wrap is a device that helps to warm up your neck with an infrared and electromagnetic wave. The most important is that this device is safe to use and promises keep you comfortable.

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap – Features

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you use this Graphene Heated Neck Wrap. We are going to list some of them:

The best pain relief – As a physical therapy

The far-infrared wavelength emitted by graphene heating film is close to human body’s wavelength. That is why this neck wrap is perfect for the physical therapy. It can soothe the symptoms of a stiff and sore neck. It is also very helpful to stimulate blood circulation of your neck.

Comfortable and safe to use

The Graphene Heated Neck Wrap is easy to put on and fit with your neck. There is an integrated velcro strap which allows you to adjust the brace for precise and personalized fit. The ergonomic design will help your neck to don’t feel any discomfort or be in an awkward position.

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap - Features

It is configurated to work for 1 hour each time, then it going to shut down. This automatic shut-off function makes it safe to use. This allows you that do not need to worry about long-time heating. Low driving voltage is required for powering up (5 volt DC) and it doesn’t cause electromagnetic radiation.

Adjust the temperature to your need

You can control the temperature by pressing a switch button to change the power. The temperature can be adjusted to your preferred level quickly. And for more control, there are 3 modes of temperature ranged from 100.4°F (38°C) to 113°F (45°C).

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap - Features

Portable – Take it with you anywhere you go

It can be used anytime and anywhere you need it. You can enjoy a heated neck therapy to relieve your pain no matter you are in the office or traveling. You only have to plug the USB cord to a power bank, the PC or a USB adapter to power up it. You can even use it while sleeping and can set a timer of 60 minutes. But if it is too much, you have the possibility to set the timer around 15 or 30 minutes.

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap - Features

Graphene Heated Neck Wrap – Relief The Pain For Only $33

As we mentioned before, the Graphene Heated Neck Wrap has a great promotion price. If you are interested, then you can purchase this device for $33.99 at and includes free shipping. You only have to follow this link: