i500 TWS vs i200 TWS

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Just Another Fake Airpods Comparison 2019

The Chinese brand TWS has already launched a large number of models in the market, such as the i80, i90, i100 and among many others. If you are new to the TWS series, this can be a bit shocking. Even for people who are aware, they ask the same question: why have so many versions been released? The truth is that with each version the company continues to improve the manufacture of the most advanced versions, providing them with better features, sound, battery and much more.

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Therefore, today we will make a comparison between the advanced and the old. With this, we refer to i500 TWS vs i200 TWS, a battle between brothers of the same brand, to know if the most recent version of these two has achieved its task of improving the characteristics.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Design & Appearance

Starting with the design we have to note that, although they are a copy of the Airpods, these earphones still maintain a luxurious style, with the classic immaculate white color and a touch-friendly surface. However, let’s not forget that both will be a good option at a reasonable price.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS - Design & Appearance
i200 TWS – i500 TWS

Once unpacked from the box we will witness the wireless charge case, in both cases, they are white with a minimalist design, both made with ABS material. However, the only difference would be small details in the housing, as the pairing button or the brushed steel mate plate to open the case. The i500 weighs 48gr and the i200 weighs 45gr, relatively the same weight.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS - Design & Appearance

Once holding the TWS earphones both are quite light and do not present discomfort once placed in our ears, it could be said that their greatest difference will be highlighted once put into use, which will be said next in the audio section.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Specification sheet

Model i200 TWS I500 TWS
Bluetooth Range 10 meters 12 meters
Bluetooth version 5.0 5.0
Case battery 350 mAh 300 mAh
Airpods battery 30 mAh 33 mAh
Battery life 2 – 3 hours 4 – 4:30 hours
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Separate Use Yes No
Size 1:1 Air2 1:1 Air2

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Audio

In the audio section we will see some differences somewhat marked but first, let’s start with the features they have in common, these are noise reduction, HD call, separation of left and right channels. Also, the in-ear sensor to automatically detect and pause any music or playback you are listening to once the headphones are removed.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS - Audio

In the case of the i500 TWS, it has relatively better bass and better integrated CVC technology for effective external sound reduction. But the i200 supports separate use of the earbuds.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Connectivity

Both the i500 and the i200 supports Bluetooth 5.0. However, the i200 has a connection range of up to 10 meters away, on the contrary, the i500 will have a range of 12 meters. The connection is easy and fast, about 3 seconds, just press the pairing button on the charging case of both TWS airpods and your devices will automatically connect to them. Both are and compatible with HTC, M9, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc. They can also reject phone calls during Bluetooth connectivity.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS - Connectivity

Through the connection we can see in our devices the statistics of the battery of the airpods, with this we refer to the left and right airpod as well as the wireless charger case. Finally, one thing that i500 does that i200 doesn’t is adding a verbal assistant, in this case, “Hey Siri”.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Battery

the biggest difference would be the battery life, the i500 TWS lasts about 4 / 4:30 hours until its next charge, on the other hand, in the case of the i200 TWS it will only last 2 hours, maximum 3. So if you are looking for the longest duration The i500 TWS will be the one. All this time of use is thanks to the chipset integrated into the i500 which improves battery optimization. Both TWS airpods have wireless charging.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS - Battery

The charging time of the case is 1 hour for the i500 and 2 hours for the i200, demonstrating the superiority of the integrated i500 chipset. Although it should be noted that the case and headphones are two different things, therefore, when comparing the charging time of the airpods of both versions it will be noted that the i200 will only take 50 minutes to fully charge and, on the contrary, those of the i500 is 60 min. What is the explanation? Well, it is really easy to explain, the i500 has 33mAh airpods and a 300mAh charging base, on the other hand, the i200 has 30mAh airpods and a 350mAh charging base, proving that sometimes the old exceeds to the new.

Compared to the original Airpods 2, which have a battery life of about 6 hours, they make the TWS airpods we are talking about fall short, but the one that is closest to this duration is the i500 TWS.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Conclusion

In the end, both Airpods gave a tough battle, reflecting interesting aspects between the 2. However, the new prevailed over the old and that is why the most modern versions are made, the winner of this contest is the i500 TWS! This is due to its slightly better features.

Source: all the images and info are brought thanks to the youtube channel “Apple Super Copy Reviews”, just make click here to go to the i500 TWS vs i200 TWS video.

i500 TWS vs i200 TWS – Prices

i200 is slightly cheaper than i500. Here are the links to the store: