Icomon i31 body scale

Icomon i31 Bluetooth 4.0 Body Fat Scale – 18 Modes Smartness under $30

The Smart scales are a wonderful invention that shows not only the weight but also many other data. The Icomon i31 body scale is an excellent example of such functionality: it provides 18 different indicators and is easily connected to an intelligent device. A solid design should also be included in the list of good qualities, the users will be happy to learn the true state of their body.

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Icomon i31 Body Scale

Icomon i31 Body Scale – Bluetooth 4.0 included!


Before getting to the function and the options the it offers, let’s talk a little about its appearance. The scale is made of stainless steel and tempered glass. It looks great, it is light and, most importantly, it does not scratch and is resistant to damage. It is available in four colors: black, pink, blue and white. It has measures of 30.00 x 26.00 x 2.00cm and a total weight of 1.18kg.

Icomon i31 body scale

The two silver arcs that you see on its surface are not just an ornament. If you placed exactly in the middle, the device will only give you body weight (in kilograms or pounds). If you put your feet on the silver elements, which are also sensors, you get the analysis of the whole body. It has 4G high sensitivity sensors with stable and accurate measurement results.

Icomon i31 body scale


The Icomon i31 body scale works in the 2 modes that we mentioned before. In addition, although not really necessary, it shows the temperature of the room in which the weight is (but only when it is on the scale). It turns on automatically when you climb on it thanks to the built-in sensor, which also has an automatic shutdown system after 8 to 15 seconds of inactivity.

Icomon i31 body scale

The scale is powered by two AAA batteries. It has a weighing range of 5 to 180kg and the unit of measurement can be adjusted between kilograms and pounds. But the true heart is its APP. To constantly monitor the progress of the reduction or increase in weight, you must download the AiFit APP.

Icomon i31 body scale

In AiFit APP, the 18 measurements (weight without fat, standard weight, BFR, visceral fat, protein rate, bone mass, moisture, muscle, BMR, body fat, muscle weight, subcutaneous fat, weight control, the amount of protein, weight, grade of obesity) and even comparisons are read (in the standard, too low, too high). And here is a very important note: the measurement of the BMI is adapted to the Asians, which means that even if your weight is within the norm, the application will probably show that you are overweight. This information does not appear anywhere in the application, but you only need to compare the IMC in AiFit with any online calculator.

Icomon i31 body scale

AiFit APP works without problems on both Android and iOS, and if there is more than one person at home that needs to be weighed, you can easily switch between the profiles (and even let your friend weigh in the guest profile)


Icomon i31 body scale connects to the APP the first time via Bluetooth 4.0, giving a stable and fast reading . You do not need to configure anything and reorganize anything. Just turn on the bluethooth app and it’s ready!

Icomon i31 body scale

Specification Sheet

ModelIcomon i31 body scale
Measurements parameters18
Dimensions30.00 x 26.00 x 2.00 cm
Weight 1.1800 kg
Network connectionBluetooth 4.0
UnitsKg and pounds
Features Built-in sensor system
4G sensors
Power supply2 x AAA battery
MaterialsTempered glass, stainless steel


  1. 18 different measurements.
  2. Automatic system.
  3. Bluetooth 4.0.
  4. Free APP.
  5. Multiple profiles.


  1. BMI is adapted to the Asians.
  2. Powered by AAA batteries.

Our Verdict

The Icomon i31 body scale is an intelligent and practical scale for the home that will help you maintain an optimal body weight, as well as a healthy body composition. The 18 different parameters, which provide an image of our condition, as well as a doctor or personal trainer. Of course, it’s not as accurate, but it’s enough to keep track of your progress.

Icomon i31 body scale

Another great advantage is that the free APP with notifications allows you to know about your weight and allows you to add profiles for household members.

Price & Availability

This is the best part of all. The Icomon i31 body scale is economical for the quality it has, and for a limited time the online store Gearbest is offering an incredible discount on it (%10 off), so you can buy it for only $27.99.