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These UV & Ultrasonic Jigoo Bed Vacuum Cleaners Are 15% Off (Coupon)

Having a clean bed to sleep in is a must for everyone, not only does it help you sleep better but it also allows you to live a healthier life, preventing allergies and skin conditions by eliminating dust and bed mites. However, in our busy routines, it might get a bit difficult to do the process manually every time. Hence, it would help if you have UV and Ultrasonic Bed Vacuum Cleaners.

JIGOO is the go-to company when you need appliances to keep your house clean, they have a long list of products to make your life easier. The bed vacuum cleaners offered by the company are of the greatest quality, have unmatchable features, and come in a great price range. These include the JIGOO S300 Pro and the JIGOO J300 Why they are worth giving a shot? Let’s find out.

JIGOO S300 Pro Vs JIGOO J300 – Specs Sheet Comparison

ModelJIGOO S300 ProJIGOO J300
Motor Power500W500W
Suction Power13Kpa13Kpa
Brush Speed12,000 rotations per minute13,000 rotations per minute
Filter TypeHEPADual Filters
Hot Wind Temperature131℉130℉
Cable Lenght16.4ft16.4ft
Item Weight5.99 pounds5.29 pounds
Item Dimensions12.79″L x 10.74″W x 7.48″H13.78″L x 11.02″W x 10.24″H

JIGOO S300 Pro

Design & Appearance

The JIGOO S300 Pro uses high-build quality plastic that not only feels premium but also looks very stylish. It has an interactive LED with an intelligent recognition system that makes it easy to understand if your mattress is clean or not. The red light indicates that the mattress is dirty, while the green light lets you know when the mattress is clean. 

The JIGOO S300 Pro bed vacuum cleaner is very handy and comes with a 5m (16m) long power cable allowing consumers to deep clean their sleeping area. It has a very ergonomically designed handle that makes it easier and lighter to use. The dual cups have a capacity of 0.5L and a 23cm wider suction port, enough to soak in all the dirt on your bed.

JIGOO S300 PRO & J300 Bed Vacuum Cleaners Are 15% Off

The JIGOO S300 Pro weighs only 5.99 pounds and creates a noise level of just 76db, so you can enjoy the cleaning process without excessive noise. 

Cleaning Power

The JIGOO S300 Pro operates with the help of a 500W power capacity, providing suction power of 13Kpa and the main metal brush revolves around 12,000/min. It is enough to clean any dirty bed within a few minutes. Moreover, it has a 245nm UV light and ultrasonic technology that even cleans particles that are not seen by the naked eye. 


The JIGOO S300 Pro comes with a HEPA-sealed filter that can filter 99.7% of particles as tiny as 0.3 micrometers. It can clean dust and pet hair without any leaks. Furthermore, it allows clean air output, blocking twice the pollution providing you with a breathable experience in bed. The filter is washable and reusable, making the device more durable. Users are suggested to change the filter after 4 or 6 months, for the best user experience. 

Pros & Cons


  • 500W Motor Power
  • Suction Power of 13Kpa
  • Filter Type: HEPA Filter
  • Hot Wind Temperature: 131℉
  • Noise: 75dB 
  • Capacity: Dual-cup 0.5L
  • Cable length: 5m/16.4 ft, Corded


  • Doesn’t Have a Mounting Area
  • No Accessories Included
  • The Cleaner Gets Hot After Long Usage

Price & Availability of JIGOO S300 Pro

The Jigoo S300 Pro already comes with a great price, leading features, and an affordable price. Users can use the code “thephonetalk” to further drop the price to 15% on Amazon, and 10% on the official website by using “thephonetalks10” promo code. 

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Design & Appearance

The JIGOO J300 has a very aggressive design made with great-quality materials. It has an ergonomically designed handle, allowing users to perform the cleaning process easily.

The cleaner also has smart dual-sensor technology that intelligently calculates the dust levels of your bed. The indicator displays results through LED lights, red indicates a dirty mattress while green light is the sign that your bed is clean. 

The vacuum cleaner comes with 2 cups, one is used for filtration while the other comes in handy to store dust. It makes the device a bit heavier but allows optimal air filtration, avoids clogging, and provides long-lasting suction. 

JIGOO S300 PRO & J300 Bed Vacuum Cleaners Are 15% Off

The device weighs around 5.29 pounds and only creates a noise of 76db while working. It has a cord size of 16.4 feet, allowing users to thoroughly every corner of your mattress. 

Cleaning Power

The JIGOO J300 features a powerful 500W motor, that can generate suction power of 13Kpa allowing the main metal brush to rotate at a speed of 13,000 per minute. It has a 205mm suction inlet allowing the device to clean even bigger beds. 


The JIGOO J300 bed vacuum cleaner uses UV rays at a wavelength of 253.7nm, it removes 99.9% of allergens residing in your mattress. In addition, it emits ultrasonic waves that remove most of the allergy-causing particles in your bed. The cleaner uses 130 degrees Fahrenheit high-temperature hot air to further clean your sleeping area. 

Pros & Cons


  • Motor Power of 500W
  • Brush Speed of 13,000 per minute
  • Dual Filters (Filtration and Storage)
  • Hot Air Temperature of 130℉
  • Noise: 75dB 
  • Cable length: 5m/16.4 ft, Corded
  • Velcro Strap For Wrapping Up the Wire


  • Reading On Sensor Works Inefficiently
  • Gets Hot After Long Usage

Price & Availability

The JIGOO J300 is a device known for its optimal features, great usability, and a market-competitive price. Users can further decrease the price by 15% by using the exclusive promo code “phoetalk” on Amazon, and “thephonetalks10” on the official website for 10%.

JIGOO discount on J300 coupon code

Our Verdict

Without any doubt both vacuum cleaners are a great deal for less bucks, however, each has its benefits. If you are looking for something that looks aggressive, cleans every bit of corner of the bed, and lasts long, try getting the JIGOO J300.

While, for users who want a cool-looking vacuum cleaner, changeable filters, and better air quality around their bed. The JIGOO S300 Pro is a much better option. 

Let us know in the comments below, which one you think is the better option, the JIGOO S300 PRO or the JIGOO J300? Happy Cleaning!