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Karabale SkyPods TWS – i10000 Alternative with Improved 1563D Chip

Wireless headphones are becoming the standard in the smartphone industry. The number of existing options is already quite wide, which is good considering that not everyone can afford to buy Apple air pods (and they are not perfect in performance). As usual, seeking to improve the most famous bets, but at a more affordable price, alternatives such as the Karabale SkyPods TWS arise.

These headphones are an improved alternative to the i10000 that we should not miss since, for the same price, we can acquire headphones with better performance. Let’s know the rest of its specifications.


Design & Appearance

The design of the Karabale SkyPods TWS is not exactly the most original; in fact, they are identical to the vast majority of models on the market. We could even confuse them for an Apple model, but in general, it is because this design is practical and comfortable. Anyway, there is a version with a couple of additional supports in case we have problems using them.

They are available in black and white (except for the USB cable that is always white), and to reduce the size, the case does not have exaggerated dimensions.

Both earphones are controlled by a proximity sensor (play or stop the audio) and through a sensitive button on each device. This allows, among other things, to be able to use them independently. The inclusion of a microphone within this pair makes them compatible with voice commands and phone calls.

Sound Quality & Performance

When it comes to technical data, these wireless earphones work via Bluetooth (up to 10 meters of reception), nothing very surprising. The interesting thing is that the data reception speed has been improved thanks to the 1536D chip. In this way, the difference in performance between wired and wireless headphones becomes almost non-existent.

We can use the Karabale SkyPods TWS for up to 4 hours before having to recharge the case, this being a much better time than other options of compact wireless headphones.

The sound is not committed to reduce the price of the device. On the contrary, important improvements to the bass have been implemented thanks to the incorporation of 6D Stereo Bass technology. The microphone also has its tricks, such as noise cancellation technology that prevents the environment from being heard while using it.

The recharging of the headphones is done automatically when inserted into the case, and as soon as we remove them from the case we can connect it to our Smartphone (be it iOS or Android). The process to pair them varies slightly depending on the phone, with the iPhone being the biggest benefit by detecting them automatically.

Depending on the Smartphone we use, we may also benefit from compatibility with different voice assistants, such as Siri or Google.

Karabale SkyPods TWS – Highlights

  • New 1563D Chip for faster communication
  • Elegant design
  • Proximity sensor for automatic playback
  • Up to 4 hours of use with the case

Price & Availability of the Karabale SkyPods TWS

The new Karabele SkyPods TWS is one of the most important products we can get today on AliExpress. We can find them from different sellers, but we have made it easier for you to search directly for the cheapest option. You just have to follow the link below.