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LG V30 Primary Camera Aperture Is Not F/1.6 But F/1.7 Instead

The newly released LG V30 might grasp your attention with these terms:

  • World’s first OLED full-screen smartphone
  • World’s first F/1.6 aperture smartphone camera
  • World’s first clear glass lens

You might get surprised to know that the second advertised highlight is not true. Although, LG V30 has the best smartphone camera with the 16MP+13MP dual camera setup. The primary one acting as a standard lens, meanwhile the other one as a wide-angle in-depth lens. But the advertised F/1.6 aperture of the primary camera, beating Samsung’s Note 8 and S8 camera’s F/1.7 aperture, might be wrong.

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The properties of the early camera samples from the V30 states that LG V30 primary camera aperture is f/1.69 or f/1.7 (round-off) instead of F/1.6. Though the difference of only 0.09 might not appear to be a big deal. Well, it is! Lower the value in the denominator, greater overall value, larger the lens, means more light passes, better pictures, and increase shutter speed. Here’s one of the V30 camera samples from GSMArena.

LG V30 sample
Picture credit: GSMArena

Nothing appears to be wrong with the picture. However, if you go to the properties of this picture, you will see the aperture to be f/1.7 instead of f/1.6. Here’s what we found:

LG V30 camera sample properties LG V30 Primary Camera Aperture

In some photos, the aperture is f/1.69 as well. Looks like LG is a bit weak in basic maths, as it has rounded off the entire 1.69 figure to 1.6 instead of making it 1.7. Take any sample from LG V30 and you will see the 1.7 or 1.69 digits in that image properties. So, yes, let me say it for the last time:

LG V30 primary camera aperture is f/1.7 instead of f/1.6

Hope that won’t decrease the value of LG V30 or will it? We will find that soon.

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