MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder – A Cheap, Slim Aluminum Wallet

Xiaomi a company which is recognized for its groundbreaking technology available in its all products. Just like that XIAOMI MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder is no exception. The MIIW is one of the sub-brands of Xiaomi ecological system. It’s not like any other card holder available in the market, but a unique one with its different and solid features. It is affordable. strong and stylish as well.

XIAOMI MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder – The Affordable Masterpiece

Design & Appearance

Beginning with the design and appearance of XIAOMI MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder, it is available in only silver color. It is a sleek and stylish color which will good with all of your outfits. It has an elegant mechanical button on the lower front.


MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder has a magnetic front cover on the front side to prevents your valuable cards from falling out. It has a nice textured MIIWI on the upper side of it to give a style statement. This card holder utilizes a size of 109.1 x 65.7 x 11.5mm which is quite small. This makes it less noticeable when placed in your pocket. it weighs only at 70.4g so no need to worry about baggy pants and fear of losing your automatic wallet.

MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder 5

Built & Quality

The built quality of XIAOMI MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder is as strong as a brick (elegant brick obviously). It is completely made of the industry level aluminum which gives it an overall strong feel. It has an aluminum shell which makes it durable and last for years to come. The aluminum alloy case is treated by an anodizing sandblasting process which makes it tough and resistant to falling, corrosion and moistures like sweat. It’s built with 180-degree arc for the perfect grip. It will feel like a part of your hand which makes it very portable. It also packs a ring opening design, which makes it super easy to remove the cards you don’t want anymore. Don’t take its small size for granted, it is built in a way to hold up to 16 cards and 6 business cards.

Functions & Features

Although the size of XIAOMI MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder might be small, but its list for features & features is not. It packs many different convenient and practical functions valuable in day to day life. It can hold up to 16pc of business cards and 6pc of bank cards as previously said. This may feel like a lot for its size, but it holds them perfectly.

MIIIW Automatic Pop Up Card Holder 3

It also supports a mechanical front button which opens up all the cards in front of you. It helps that you don’t have to click the button for every card you need. Now every card is only one click away. Its most valuable feature is its magnetic front cover that protects the cards. Sometimes ordinary wallets get bulky and things start to fall, but not with this automatic card holder.

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Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Aluminium Case
  • Large Capacity
  • 180 Degree Arc For Perfect Grip
  • Elegant Mechanical Button
  • Magnetic Front Cover
  • Anti-corrosive Anodizing Coating


  • Only Single Colour
  • No Cloth Grip on Sides
  • No Hold for Cash

Our Verdict

Despite its small size and 11.5mm thickness, this card holder appears to be unique and elegant in comparison to other cardholders. Xiaomi made it look premium with the anodizing metal built and an elegant button to open it up and tons of features for the user’s aid. People who love smooth metal holders can consider this as their first priority.

Price & Availability

You can buy this product at GEARBEST with the best price of  $11.99.  It is only available in only one colour silver. Here is the link to buy the product: