Nokia X (2018) Release Date Ad 1

This Ad Teases The Return of Nokia X (2018) – Release Date to be April 27

HMD  has been showing a keen interest in reviving its legendary phones. Recently, it released Nokia 8810 (4G version), a remake of the previous Nokia 8810. Similarly, we just came to know that HMD might release a remake of Nokia X this month. All, thanks to the most recent leak. Actually, it’s not simply a leak but an advertisement hinting Nokia X (2018) and its release date.

Nokia X (2018) Release Date Ad 2

Getting into the details, an advertisement has apparently been spotted in a Chinese cinema promoting Nokia X (2018). As you can see in the image, there’s the ‘X’ symbol along with the name of the flagship ‘Nokia X’ and the release date which is April 27.

We haven’t heard anything official from the HMD Global, so the appearance of the ad is totally surprising. Maybe they want to release the phone as a surprise.

Nokia X (2018) Release Date Ad 1

Previously, it was rumored that the Nokia X (2018) might be called ‘Nokia 10’, where X is actually numerical. Furthermore, it is rumored that the Nokia X might not even be a single flagship, but the new X series from Nokia. There are still some days left until the expected release date comes. Let’s see if HMD Global confirms if the phone actually exists or not.

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