Nubia Music Phone

Nubia Music Phone is released with Vinyl Record Player

The Nubia music phone is the new-age iPod, but can be used for much more than just playing music. The device comes with a Unisoc processor, 8GB RAM, up to 256GB device storage, a 6.6-inch HD+ screen, a 5MP front camera, dual cameras on the back, a 5000mAh battery and much more.

Release Highlights

  • The Nubia Music phone comes with a Unisoc SC9863A processor for efficient processing
  • It has 8GB RAM and device storage options of 128GB and 256GB
  • The device features a 6.6-inch HD+ LDC screen with music breathing light effect
  • It has a 5MP front camera and dual cameras on the back (50MP and 2MP)
  • The music phone has a 5000mAh battery

Display & Appearance

The Nubia music phone features a 6.6-inch HD+ LCD screen which supports a 90Hz refresh rate. It has music-breathing light effects as well as colourful bodies.

The phone has 600% sound cavity volume and DTS:X ultrasound technology. It has a dual 3.5mm headphone jack for added usability.

Nubia Music Phone

The Vinyl Record Player on the back side makes the phone one of the most unique-looking devices. It has various colour patterns to make it one of a kind.

Processor & Storage

The Nubia music phone gets its processing power from a Unisoc SC9863A processor. It has 8GB RAM and device storage options of 128GB or 256 GB.

CameraS of the Nubia Music Phone

The front camera of the Nubia Music player is 5MP. On the rear side, it has dual cameras for optimal photos and videos. The primary lens is 50MP and 2MP secondary lens.


The battery capacity of the Nubia music player phone is 5000mAh which provides better battery timing.

Nubia Music Phone

Price & Availability

The Nubia music player has been officially released in China and will be soon available in other parts of the world. 

  • It starts for 1070 yuan ($149)

The music player device is one of the most appealing devices available in the market right now, with a very decent price. Do you think it could be your next device for music listening?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)