Nubia Neo

Nubia Neo Leaks | The Upcoming Cheap Gaming Phone

Today, a famous leakster on Weibo has announced the possible release of Nubia Neo, the cheap gaming phone. If you are looking for an affordable gaming phone, Nubia (ZTE) covers you. The Nubia Neo will be coming soon, on June 20. It will have the UNISOC T820 processing chipset and Mali G57 MC4 GPU for over-the-top performance. The projected price of the phone would be around $200, making it one of the best upcoming options.

Leak Highlights

  • The Nubia Neo will be released soon, on June 20
  • It will have a UNISOC T820 processor (6nm EUV process)
  • The GPU will be Mali G57 MC4
  • It will have a price of around $200

Specifications of the Nubia Neo

The Nubia Neo will get its processing power from the UNISOC T820 chip (6nm EUV process). It will have 1 CPU of 2.7 GHz Cortex A76, 3 x 2.3 GHz Cortex A76, and 4 x 2.1 Ghz Cortex A55 CPUs. The GPU will be Mali G57 MC4.

Nubia Neo

Nubia brand is now operated under the umbrella of the ZTE brand. According to the rumors, the Nubia Neo series will be an affordable gaming phone series. Moreover, they aim to make the phones around about $200. Keeping the phone budget-friendly means that the specs will not be top-tier but will still be very good. 

The phone will be released on June 20, only a few days from now. What do you think of the upcoming phone? Will it be the new cheap Redmagic phone?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)