Retro Handheld Mini Game Console | More Than 400 8-Bit Games

Handheld consoles are returning to the markets, and it is not for less, since they bring with them a large number of games for a small size. Today we are going to talk about the Retro Handheld Mini Game Console, which is available on AliExpress with an incredible deal. Stay with us and get the best price on the market!

Retro Handheld Mini Game Console – Specs Sheet

ModelRetro Handheld Mini Game Console
Dimensions11.5 x 8 cm, or 4.52 x 3.14 inches
MaterialHard plastic
ColorsRed, white, black, coral, yellow, green, and blue
Display3.0-inch LCD display with 1024 x 600 pixels
ButtonsFour arrow buttons, ABXY buttons, select, start, and reset
PortsAV cable port, and Micro USB port
Battery1020mAh lithium battery with 7 to 8 hours of battery life
AccessoriesCharging cable, AV cable, user manual, and controller (optional)

Design & Appearance

Starting with what you see first, the design, the Retro Handheld Mini Game Console has dimensions of 11.5 x 8 cm, or 4.52 x 3.14 inches. It is made of hard plastic, which covers the front and back of the body, in addition to having a 3.0-inch screen covered by transparent plastic.


The material of its body has a rough texture, which helps to improve the grip when playing with or transporting it. Likewise, on the back there is a striped design, which is capable of, in the same way, increasing the good grip, especially since it is a relatively small device.

In the front part, there is the display, a ventilation grill to avoid overheating, and the controls. On the back, there is the place for the battery, six screws that are responsible for holding the device, and the indications of the ports and controls on the edges of the body. These ports and controls are for turning on, off, and controlling the volume, the charging port, and a port for AV cable.


In relation to its colors, it is available in a long list of these, such as red, white, black, coral, yellow, green, and blue.  

Screen & Display

Moving on to the display, this device comes with a 3.0-inch LCD display, which brings with it a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. This screen is capable of providing good color resolution, going from the lightest to the darkest, plus it also makes reading any text a great experience, as it has a high level of sharpness and clarity.

It’s worth noting that this sits flush with the rest of the console, so the hassle of slipping it into a bag or pocket is non-existent.


Buttons & Controls

Being a retro gaming console, it was assumed that it would bring with it the buttons that were used decades ago. First, there are the usual buttons, found on all game controllers: four arrow buttons for moving through games, plus the usual ABXY buttons for various actions.

On the other hand, in this console, you can also see three extra buttons, which are to be able to select, start a game, and reset the console if necessary. Finally, on the side of the console, there is volume up and down rolling control, in addition to the on and off sliding control on the upper part.


Since they are all spaced well apart, pressing any one is very easy, plus you can avoid accidentally pressing another button.


Charging cable

As expected, this product comes with its own charging cable. This has two ports: A USB Type-C port to connect the console to chargers or computers, and a Micro USB port, which is connected to the device.

AV Cable

The Retro Handheld Mini Game Console can be used individually, however, it can also be connected to a TV thanks to the use of an AV cable, which is included in the purchase. It has a length of 80 cm.

User Manual

In addition to bringing those accessories, this device also comes with a user manual, where there is information about the product in general, as well as its charging process, functions, questions and answers, and so on.


Controller (Optional)

In addition to being able to connect to a TV, this device can also be used by two people at the same time, thanks to a separate control. This does not come with the original purchase of the console, but can be added if desired. It comes with an 85 cm long cable.

It is worth noting that this control has dimensions of 5.3 x 12.3 cm, or 2.08 x 4.84 inches.


Game List

One of the selling points of the Retro Handheld Mini Game Console is that it features a whopping 400 8-Bit games. Among them are classics, such as:

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Move Box
  • Trooper
  • Goblet Tower
  • Super Mario
  • Dr. Mario
  • Kage
  • Snow Bros
  • Adventure Island
  • Rush’N Attack
  • Mitsume
  • Bomber Man
  • Tank A 1990
  • Chip’N Dale

And many more.



In relation to connectivity, although this product can be used individually, it has certain ways to connect to it. It has a special AV cable port on the top of the body, so it can be connected to TVs and, if desired, even computers.

In addition to that, and right next to the AV port, there is a Micro USB port, which, although it is used to recharge the battery, also has the functionality of connecting to the console with extra control, to be able to play games as a couple.



This Retro Handheld Mini Game Console comes with a giant 1020mAh lithium battery, which can not only be removed at any time you want, but also provides a battery life of around 7 to 8 hours, which can be charged thanks to the Mini USB port of the console. This makes it perfect for short and long trips, for children or adults.

Pros & Cons


  • It has an incredible number of 400 games.
  • It can be played individually or as a couple.
  • Comes with very good battery life.
  • Comes with various accessories.
  • There are many color options.


  • The size could be a little bit too small for some people.

The Verdict

The world of handheld consoles is increasing with the passing of time, so it’s always cool to see how it’s progressing. This Retro Handheld Mini Game Console brings together great features, such as the incredible 400 8-Bit games it brings, the great battery life it provides, and the simple and functional design, which is combined with good accessories that are capable of enlarging the range of gaming.

With that being said, and although simplicity is in fashion, its operation can be too simple compared to other consoles, especially in terms of functionality and updates. However, is still a good contender.


Price & Availability

In case you want to buy this console, is available on AliExpress for a price of $20.72. However, right now it is at a 60% discount, so in the following link, you can buy it for only $11.89!