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Smartisan R2 Will Get Android 11 Update – Smartisan OS v8.5.0 public beta Released

For the China-only Smartisan brand, it looks like the Smartisan phones will still be getting the Android updates despite the company’s abandoning the smartphone lineup. For the Smartisan R2, the company is now providing Smartisan OS v8.5.0 public beta testing and has asked to provide feedback to help improve the software quality of the Smartisan OS. Here’s the link to the beta ROM registration.

Smartisan R2 Android 11 update weibo notice

This means that the Smartisan R2 will be upgraded to the Android 11 operating system in the future.

About Android 11

Released in September 2020, Android 11 focuses on strengthening privacy protection, adding one-time permissions for location, microphone, and camera. 

Read more about the Android 11 features from here.

Why Smartisan Quit The Smartphone Industry?

Unfortunately, as said before, there will be no new phone from Smartisan. At present, ByteDance (parent company of Smartisan) has suspended mobile phone research and development and no longer launches new mobile phones.

Since the beginning of 2021, LG and Smartisan have announced their withdrawal, and smartphone competition has entered a tough stage.

The founder said that the current competition in the smartphone industry has evolved into competition between supply chains and brands. For small-brand manufacturers, there is no advantage in perfection. The beauty of the mobile phone industry lies in the large enough space and no permanent king.

Source (Weibo)