Syenergy Environics Launch Radition Protection Chip Envirochip For Smart Devices

Syenergy Environics provides radiation purification solutions for your homes and workspaces. The Envirochip is one of the products which helps in Purifies electromagnetic radiations emitted from Smart Devices.

About Syenergy Environics Limited

Syenergy Environics Limited creates healthier and more productive spaces for people to work and live in through various Radiation Purification Solutions. These are non-intrusive and avoid inconvenient changes in layout. The solutions address negative earth and environmental radiations and manmade electro-smog & Wi-Fi radiations from mobile phones, work gadgets like computers, routers, servers and mobile & transmission towers.

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Our products include Envirochip, which is a radiation protector chip for various electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and routers. The chip has been tested and certified by Max Healthcare, India & DB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd.

Specifications Of Envirochip


The Envirochip works as a Radiation purifier which  Purifies electromagnetic radiations emitted from environmental radiations and manmade electro-smog and Wi-Fi radiations from smartphones.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) experts have classified Mobile radiations as possibly cancerous (level 2b). Most of the smartphones companies in their device manuals, ask you to keep the phone at least 5-15MM away.

The Envirochip tested and certified by Max Healthcare, CE certified DB technology lab and Singapore green building council.


The Envirochip completely neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations and it has no side effects on our body. It doesn’t interfere with the signal strength of the device, No call drops or slow internet and the chip extensively tested and certified by renowned bodies.