The H11 Ultra Smartwatch | Is It The Perfect Apple Watch Ultra Clone? (US Deal)

After the release of the Apple watch ultra, China has come up with many clones including ZD8 Ultra Max, DT8 Ultra, HW8 Ultra Max, and the new H11 Ultra. We will be discussing the H11 Ultra today and possibly doing a comparison with the original Apple Watch Ultra and other Chinese clones.

Specs Sheet

ModelH11 Ultra Smart Watch
StyleSmart Watch
Dimensions49 x 43 x13.88mm
MaterialTitanium Alloy Case
StrapStandard Ocean Strap
Strap Lock and Real Screw
Suitable for 44/45/49mm
ChargerWireless Magnetic Charging
ColorTitanium Gold
Button3 Buttons
Screen1.91 inch Screen
425 x 518 px LCD
425 x 518 px
App SupportAndroid 5.0+
iOS 8+
SensorHeart Rate Monitor
Sleep Monitor
Blood Oxygen
Body Temperature
Sport Modes (173)
FunctionsAlways on Mode
Remote Camera
BT Music
World Clock
NFC door access
Notification Push
Remote BT Calling
GPSSupported (Need to be connected through the App)
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spain, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese

Design & Appearance

The H11 Ultra has a titanium alloy case in silver color, imitating the look and feel of the latest Apple watch ultra. Most of the time the clones have a slight color difference from the original watch. However, H11 Ultra is one of the few Ultra copies which have the same exact color.

Speaking about the dimensions, the watch occupies a space of 49 x 43 x 13.8mm which is almost the same as the Apple one (49mm x 44mm x 14.4mm). In fact, this one can be called a 1:1 apple watch ultra clone.


On one side, it has a dial (with the smart rotary knob feature) and a button. While on the other side, it comes with an orange action button (not customizable, only shows sports modes), microphone, and speaker. All of them work similarly to the original watch.

At the bottom, we have the HR sensor along with the temperature sensor and wireless charging terminal.


The watch comes with a standard silicon ocean strap in orange color similar to the original Apple Watch Ultra. However, users can choose from a wide range of 44/45/49mm straps. Apple straps are also compatible with the H11 Ultra. It has a strap lock and a real screw which is the same as Apple. In fact, you can attach the strap of this watch to the original watch and barely feel the difference. Thus a 1:1 strap.

Screen & Display

The screen size of the watch is a 1.91-inch HD LCD that is mostly bright outdoors. The display size is the same as the Apple one but there’s a huge difference between a retina display and an LCD mostly in terms of color contrast, brightness, refresh rate, and true blacks. The good thing is that the resolution is slightly better than the Apple watch ultra itself which is 518 x 425 pixels (502 x 410 pixels of Apple). The watch is powered by an RTL8763E chipset.

The bezels on this thing are a bit thick than the original. But that’s barely noticeable.

The watch has an always-on mode that only shows the time (two screens: analog and digital), rather than displaying all components of the watch. Users can choose from thousands of watch faces and can also make their own custom ones via the app. The watch can be locked through a screen password as well.


The only two problems are that the tap-to-wake feature doesn’t work after 3 to 5 seconds and the Always On display is displayed for only 1 minute. The tap-to-wake may get fixed in an update. However, using AOD on an LCD is not good at all which is why the manufacturer has set a 1-minute time limit to it.

Connectivity & App

Users can connect the watch to their smartphones using Bluetooth 5. The H11 Ultra supports Android 5.0 and above. Apple users using iOS 8 and above can connect to the watch. 

It uses the QiFit App which is quite a good app when compared with other clone apps (good UI, responsive, and tons of customization). There are some synchronization issues from time to time, but apart from that it’s pretty much perfect.


One of the highlights of the watch apart from the design is the features it comes with. Let’s divide these features into two categories and see whether something is missing which is present in the original Apple watch ultra or not:

Health Features

  • Pedometer (3-axis accelerometer)
  • HR monitor (24-hours and on-demand)
  • Sleep monitor (basic only)
  • Blood Oxygen (on demand)
  • Body Temperature (on demand)
  • Sport modes
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • GPS

Smartwatch Features

  • Always on Mode
  • Remote Camera
  • BT Music
  • World Clock
  • NFC door access
  • Weather
  • Calculator
  • Notification Push
  • Remote BT Calling (calls and answers from the watch directly)

Features Inherit From Apple Watch Ultra

  • Smart rotary knob
  • Siri

Battery & Charging

The battery used in H11 Ultra is of 450mAh capacity. It can be charged through wireless magnetic charging. The charger comes included in the box. 


The watch can survive for 5 to 7 days on normal use and up to 15 days on standby. This is much better when compared to the original Apple watch ultra which has a battery life of 32 hours.

H11 Ultra Compared To Other Smart Watches

H11 Ultra vs ZD8 Ultra Max

H11 Ultra has:

  • Closer body color to the original watch
  • GPS Antenna design is much closer to original
  • Temperature sensor
  • Better hardware performance
  • The display size is the same as original
  • Thicker bezels
  • The display quality is so much better
  • Interactive clock faces
  • WatchOS style icons and two menu styles
  • Calendar app
  • Much responsive and smoother scrolling

ZD8 Ultra Max has:

  • Waterproof certification (can be used in the bath)
  • Thinner bezel
  • The display size is larger than the original (2.08″)
  • Has own icon style and four menu styles
  • Torch app
  • Better tap-to-wake
  • More languages support
  • Set separate ringtones for alarms, messages, and phone
  • Has blood pressure and ECG checker (gimmicks, not accurate)
  • Better standby time (60 days)
ModelH11 UltraZD8 Ultra Max
Screen1.91 inch HD
Resolution 425*518
2.0 inch
Resolution 385*435
ShellTitanium AlloyTitanium Alloy
Switch Button
Switch button
ChargerWireless ChargingWireless Charging
ColorTitanium GoldTitanium
Space Grey
SupportAndroid 5+
iOS 8.0 or Above
Android 4.4+
iOs 10 or Above

Buy H11 Ultra if you want close to the original features and UI, a better and smoother display, body temperature sensor. Meanwhile, if you want more accurate health sensors, a Series 8 AOD, and waterproof certification, go for the ZD8 Ultra Max.

H11 Ultra vs DT8 Ultra

H11 Ultra has:

  • Bigger Body
  • Better Resolution
  • Smoother UI and Responsive Touch
  • Better Hardware Performance
  • Bigger Battery
  • Closer Body to the Original with Screws and Antenna Bands
  • Thicker Bezels

DT8 Ultra has:

  • Better body temperature sensor
  • More than 500 watch faces
  • 3 custom watch faces
  • More Languages
  • Slightly Larger Screen
  • More Color Options
ModelH11 UltraDT8 ULTRA
Screen1.91 inch HD
Resolution 425*518
2.0 inch
Resolution 420*485
ShellTitanium AlloyZinc Alloy
ChargerWireless ChargingWireless Charging
ColorTitanium GoldTitanium
Space Grey
SupportAndroid 5+
iOS 8.0 or Above
Android 6+
iOs 10 or Above

Buy H11 Ultra if you want a more premium feel, a near-to-real clone, better performance, and long-lasting battery life. On the other hand, if you want more watch faces, a better connectivity app, various languages, and better sensors. Then the DT8 Ultra watch can be your next smartwatch.

H11 Ultra vs HW8 Ultra Max

H11 Ultra has

  • Thicker Bezels
  • Bigger Battery Capacity
  • Near to Original Watch OS
  • Better Always on Display
  • Near to Real Body with Screws and Antenna Band

HW8 Ultra Max has

  • The best display on a clone watch
  • Thinner Bezels
  • 150 hours of battery life with power saving mode
  • Larger Display
  • Most Responsive Touch Screen
  • It’s Own Watch OS
  • Customizable Action Key
ModelH11 UltraHW8 Ultra Max
Screen1.91 inch HD
Resolution 425*518
2.05 inch
Resolution 520*580
ShellTitanium AlloyZinc Alloy
ChargerWireless ChargingWireless Charging
SupportAndroid 5+
iOS 8.0 or Above
Android 5.0+
iOs 10 or Above

If you want an Apple-like watch OS, better connectivity application, and bigger battery capacity, go for the H11 Ultra. However, if you want the best display, the smoothest touch experience and a customizable action button then go for the HW8 Ultra Max.

Our Verdict

The H11 Ultra Smartwatch is an almost perfect 1:1 copy of the Apple Watch Ultra. When compared to the other Chinese ultra clones, this one has a super good display, and tons of features mimicking the original watch, the honeycomb menu is super responsive and the dialer rotary function works super smooth, and the app unlike any other clone apps feels much customizable, stable and de

There are some downsides as well. The action button isn’t customizable, the bezels are thick, and there’s no proximity sensor. The tap-to-wake doesn’t work after a few minutes.

That being said, we think that this watch for the price of around $30, is one of the best Apple watch ultra clones.

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Price & Availability

The watch is available for free shipping in the US and usually takes 3 to 5 working days for delivery to your doorstep. You can grab it on Aliexpress for a price of around $28 to $34. Here’s the link to the best price: