Xiaomi 48MP Phone Releasing on January – Xiaomi President Shares Photo!

Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi, revealed on Weibo that the new 48 million-pixel Xiaomi Mi phone will be released in January next year. This will be known as Xiaomi 48MP Phone. Subsequently, MIUI officially added that the new device is equipped with the MIUI10 system. Lin Bin also briefly revealed: “tested for a few weeks, it’s not bad!”, but the claim is about the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

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Xiaomi 48MP Phone – Post on Weibo with the camera photo

In the picture, we can see the back of the new Xiaomi 48MP Phone. Here we can detail a 48MP camera with a vertical layout, glass body, integrated volume button in one side, and dual color temperature flash.

Xiaomi 48MP Phone Weibo Post
Lin Bin Weibo Post

According to available data, the 48 million-pixel CMOS camera that has been publicly released mainly includes the Sony IMX586 sensor and the Samsung ISOCELL Plus GM1 sensor. The IMX586’s specifications include a 1/2-inch sensor, 0.8μm per pixel, support for four-pixel synthesis, and video support up to 4K 90FPS. The sensor Samsung ISOCELL Plus GM1 also has a 0.8μm unit and supports four-pixel synthesis. The sensitivities are equivalent to 12 million pixels and a single pixel size of 1.6μm.

However, the IMX 586 was shipped in September, the GM1 Q4 was mass produced and Xiaomi is clearly ready to go, making it that probably the Sony IMX586 sensor is more than confirmed.

The final question is: will the new device in addition to having such photographic quality also be equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855? Soon we will have news about it.

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