Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera – Night Vision & IR for $16.99

Home security is the first thing for everyone. What if you can get it under $16.99? What if you can grab your hands on such an IP camera which has night vision, 120-degree view angle, and IR support. Such IP camera which allows you to monitor your home on a smartphone where ever you are. Well, it’s true. Meet our today’s protagonist Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P Smart IP Cameraan excellent budget solution for your home.


Moreover, these are merely the functions of the camera. There’s more to enlight you about this IP camera. Let’s find out:

Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera – Adorable Yet Powerful

Design & Appearance

To be honest, this IP camera has an adorable appearance. It retains both the modern look similar to a human eye as well as the traditional IP cameras. It’s oval in shape, occupies a space of 7.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm, and weighs only 65 grams. That is why it sticks easily to any place or wall and is too small to be noticed. Remember the weight is half as that of a smartphone.

Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera - front

We know that this camera has 6 LEDs on the front which is 850 nm infrared. These are enough to be able to have a sufficiently clear image at night so that we will have our house watched even in the dark. The range that Xiaomi promises us is about 9 meters.  Everything in this range will be viewable clearly at night and records either on your smartphone or SD card.

Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera - connectivity

Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P smart IP camera is adjustable as well. You can put it on the table, stick it on the walls, even hang it upside down.

XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR - stick

Hardware & Features

Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera is a stationary solution. Typically, these cameras are set up in the points of the room with a maximum viewing angle. Yes, the camera does not rotate which is a down point, but it has a decent viewing angle of 120-degrees.

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Six infrared diodes are embedded under the hood, which allows you to shoot in total darkness. Reverse audio communication is one of the most popular functions in modern IP cameras and in Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera as well. This means that you can hear the sound from the camera’s mic on your smartphone and recording video as well as can send alarm sound to the camera’s speaker. In this device, it is implemented at 100%. The built-in microphone is capable of catching sound within a radius of 9 meters.

XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – function
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – function 1
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – function 2
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – function 3
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – function 4

In addition to the hardware, the best part is that you can communicate with households from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet, just install the ‘Mi Home’ App and configure the camera.

Connectivity & Functions

It remains to find out if as with other cameras in the MiJia environment that information can be stored on an HDD disk connected to one of the routers in Xiaomi or any other third-party router that supports that protocol.

The CMOS sensor it mounts is capable of recording video with a quality of 1280 x 720 pixels at 25 frames per second. Here are some of the camera samples shown in the slider.

XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – camera sample
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – camera sample 1
XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR – camera sample 2

It assembles a microphone and speaker, so it is possible to maintain bidirectional communication. To make the connection with the Mi Home app, which is in charge of managing all the settings we need, the camera has a WiFi module compatible with 802.11 b / g / n connections.

Furthermore, Mi App needs no introduction as it’s stable, easy to use, and compatible with every smartphone of Android and iOS platforms.

Our Verdict

The new Xiaomi Chuangmi comes with a really ridiculous price and surely will be more than enough for the vast majority of users. What remains to be determined is whether within that group of users you are more gourmet and you need at least 1080P, motorized body, etc. Well, the best thing is to take a look at its features and get out of doubt. We bet there’s no cheaper IP camera than this which offers night vision, wide angle, cute looks, best mobile support and many more under $17.

The Selling Points

  • Night vision, IR mode
  • Cute appearance
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Great App support
  • Reverse audio communication
  • Global monitoring of home

The Down Points

  • No auto-rotatable

Price & Availability

If you are interested you can grab Xiaomi CHUANGMI 720P Smart IP Camera for the best price of $16.99 from Gearbest. Here’s the link to the store: