Xiaomi Youpin Fizz Cutter 1

Xiaomi Fizz Cutter – Safe, Compact, and Economical Cutter Under $1.5

Here we are again talking about the unique and inexpensive products from Xiaomi. This time it’s Xiaomi Fizz Cutter, a product from Xiaomi’s ecological chain ‘Youpin‘. After crowdfunding, Youpin brings this economical and safe cutter. Let’s find out what it offers:

Xiaomi Fizz Cutter – Why It’s Perfect for a Price Under $1.5?

Most of the Chinese products outstand when it comes to offering excellent features under the best price, and Xiaomi Fizz Cutter is no exception.

Xiaomi Youpin Fizz Cutter

In fact, the cutter is based on an aluminum alloy covering that contains eight opaque-coated carbon tips. indeed, it’s durable and one can expect to use it for the long term, unlike most cutters. It has an anti-oxidation coating as well and the slider appears to be unbreakable and resistant to jamming. Being a cutter, the attention immediately goes to safety, in fact, thanks to the design, it leaves 1 mm between the blade and the fingers.

All this comes for a surprising price tag of 9.9 yuan ($1.44 USD). Very cheap considering other cutters out there.