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Xiaomi Gaming Headphones Released – Noise Cancellation for 349 yuan ($55)

Xiaomi has officially launched its Xiaomi Gaming Headphones. These new Headphones, specially designed for Gaming, at the moment, can be purchased at the Xiaomi Mall and other distributors at a price of 349 Yuan (approximately $55). The new Xiaomi Headphones are designed to provide the best possible experience when playing, trying to fit into the best range to be used in eSports.

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Xiaomi Gaming Headphones – Everything the professional needs

The new sound engines of the games, especially those within the category of the eSport, allow simulating in a realistic way the sound effects of the characters, leading the player to experience new sensations that help him to take out all his potential.

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones

To get the most realistic effect possible, the Xiaomi Gaming Headphones use a virtual 7.1 surround sound engine in conjunction with dedicated software that allows them to create a full range of stereo sound in the game. In this way, the sounds will be heard exactly from the position and distance where they come from. In other words, it is easier to determine the position of the enemies, thus avoiding surprise attacks and creating a more immersive experience.

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones surround

In eSports, concentration is everything, and this can be harmed by the noises of the environment. To eliminate these external agents, the Xiaomi Gaming Headphones have two MEMS microphones that integrate a noise reduction system. Even in the noisiest scenarios, these can eliminate interference quite effectively to avoid distractions. Your teammates will be able to hear you clearly as if you were talking face to face with them.

The Xiaomi Gaming Headphones are also for daily use

One of the most frequent problems present in the Headphones used in eSports events is that to maximize the quality of the sound effects of the game, these lose much of the functions for daily use. However, the Xiaomi Gaming Headphones are equipped with an innovative 40mm speaker designed to be used in multiple situations. These optimize the balance of the 3 frequencies used in the games and also improve the quality of the audio in general. A combination that is supported by the closed structure that it has, so there will be no difference between playing or listening to music.

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones Innovative speakers

Since the Headphones are designed with multiple schemes in mind, diversification in ports for different peripherals is a necessary factor. Xiaomi knows this, and that is why they have equipped the Headphones with a USB connector and a 3.5mm connector. In this way, they maintain their compatibility with PC and Smartphones, so it does not matter in which scenario they are used.

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones multi schemes

The Xiaomi Gaming Headphones are able, through a driver, to change the colors and brightness on the computer. In this way, depending on the distance and the sound effects they reproduce, the Headphones give you more information about what is happening in the game.


Update: Xiaomi Gaming Headphones are available to buy on Gearbest for a price of $99.00. Here’s the link to the store: