Xiaomi Ink Case AI Recording Pen Hands-On – 6 meters recording distance

On August 9, Xiaomi introduced its users to a new smart product, and it was the Xiaomi Ink Case AI Recording Pen, this being a pen that works through the use of the important and popular artificial intelligence. This new product supports HD noise reduction, AI transfer and encrypted storage, and was presented along with a market price of 199 yuan.

Xiaomi Ink Case AI Recording Pen Hands-On - 6 meters recording distance

This new Xiaomi microphone is equipped with a 300mAh battery that can be recharged through the USB Type C port, while connectivity with the smartphone works through a Bluetooth 5.0 module, this being to achieve better connection stability and less energy consumption. Also, within this product there is a 16GB memory, but the complementary application Alibaba Cloud also allows virtual expansion, precisely in the cloud, reaching up to 120 hours of free audio recordings.

At the microphone level it is not clear if we face an omnidirectional coil or something else, but what stands out is the possibility of recording any conversation and transcribing it intelligently through the complementary application, thus optimizing the times that are generally used during interviews, conferences and study sessions, for example.

Xiaomi Ink Case AI Recording Pen Hands-On-6 meters recording distance

With just a simple delivery to the smartphone of what you just registered and a click, you can find a complete transcribed conference without having to put your hand in the whole. That being said, at this time, this Xiaomi microphone understands and transcribes only in Chinese and English, and perhaps a development in Spanish will never be seen.

Price & Availability

In case you are interested in acquiring the little Xiaomi Ink Case AI Recording Pen, at the moment it can only be purchased in China along with a price of 199 yuan ($28). Perhaps we can see it in an alternative store, and the fact that English language support is present can be interesting for many users, although the hope of a multilingual update certainly does not cease to exist.