Xiaomi Italia: The List of Official Xiaomi Service Centers in Italy is Here!

A couple of weeks back, Xiaomi made its arrival in Italy.  Today, there’s a great news for the Mi users and fans in Italy. Because Xiaomi Italia has officially published the list of official Xiaomi service centers around Italy. This is another step from Xiaomi to capture the trust of the Italians as well as the smartphone market.

Xiaomi service centers in Italy

Getting into the details, there are about 100+ service centers in over 20 states of Italy. Furthermore, the address and the timings are also mentioned on the official Xiaomi Italy website. You can see the list of Xiaomi service centers in Italy on this following page.

As you will notice by taking a look at the dedicated page, it seems that the work is in progress. In fact, the names of the centers and other references are missing. At the moment there are only the names of the cities, the address, and the timings. The distribution is quite narrow and covers most of the peninsula. We will inform you when the work on the page is completed.

Xiaomi service centers

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After setting Xiaomi service centers, Xiaomi Italia will focus on making Mi stores, warehouses, and maybe factories like the Chinese company did in India. We just have to wait and see.