Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review Design

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review – More Than A Color Screen Upgrade! (Coupon)

Display & Clock Faces

Finally, the Mi Band series moves to the much beautiful AMOLED colored display. The black and white OLED screen that lasted for three generations has finally ended The screen area has also increased again, rising directly from 0.78 inches to 0.95 inches. It is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED display and doubles the screen resolution to 120 x 240 pixels.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review Display

Adding 77 clock faces in Mi Band 4 Via Mi Fit App

In the clock face center of the Xiaomi Mi Fit App (using the internal beta version, the stable version will be upgraded later), 77 dials/clock faces can be found, and more will be added in the OTG upgrade later. Here are some:

Like we change the theme of a smartphone, you can go to the clock face section, see which clock face to apply, click directly, the theme will be synchronized in the Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review Clock Face Added

Summary Points:

  • Increased screen size to 0.78 inches to 0.95 inches
  • AMOLED colored display with 120 x 240 px resolution
  • 77 clock faces added in Mi Fit add for Mi Band 4 and more to added in OTA updates

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