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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review – More Than A Color Screen Upgrade! (Coupon)

Battery Life

Heading to the last part of this Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review comes the battery life. The Mi Band series is known for its long-lasting battery, running up to 10 to 30 days. However, with the increase in screen size as well as the introduction of an AMOLED colored display, the Mi Band 4/Band 4 NFC is much power-hungry than the previous generations. Thankfully, Xiaomi also decides to increase the battery life of the fourth-gen from  110mAh to 135mAh (25mAh increase).

Due to limited time, I can’t show you the battery timing from a 100% charged Mi Band 4 to 0%. So, when I just opened the Mi Band 4 (NFC version) it was charged 58%. After the use of 20 hours, with continuous heart rate monitoring and lift-up screen option turned on, band always connected to the phone, turn on the automatic heart rate detection function, set the measurement frequency to 30 minutes; receive and display the notification; set the alarm; start the app to synchronize the data once a day, which is considered moderate use, the remaining power was 52% (out of 58%), consuming only 6% of the power.

At this rate, with the same settings, Mi Band 4 (NFC version) can last up to 15 days. However, the standard version consuming less power without any NFC chip can last up to 20 days.

Summary Points:

  • Upgraded battery from 110mAh to 135mAh
  • Larger AMOLED screen takes more battery
  • NFC version has the same battery capacity and takes more power
  • 15 days on NFC version (wrist lift, continuous heart rate, 30 minutes interval, once a day synchronization, Auto HR detection, alarm set once, notification update, )
  • 20 days on non-NFC version (same settings)

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