Xiaomi new gaming mouse

Xiaomi MIIIW S500 – A Unique 7200DPI Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Mouse

Xiaomi is always very attentive to its users, always providing new solutions in different fields. And whether it’s for work or playing purposes, it’s certain we all need a good mouse and owing to this, Beijing Miwu Technology saw a need to develop a Wireless Dual Mouse device to help serve this unique purpose. Under the MIIIW brand, the newly launched Xiaomi MIIIW S500 allows users to interact with the PC interface in a simple and natural way. With its unique characteristics, Xiaomi MIIIW S500 appears to be that unique computer mouse equipping itself with a double connection system.

Xiaomi MIIIW S500 – Dual Mode, Double Connections

Design & Appearance

Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Dual Mouse S500 is designed to act as an economical alternative for those that require a wireless mouse of low consumption yet still having a compact design. Thanks to Beijing Miwu Technology for the masterpiece development making the wireless Dual Mouse device weigh just 115 grams and also being ideal for practically any type of hand which you get a relaxed position. Interestingly, Xiaomi MIIIW S500 is designed in such a way that you can get to switch between any of your connected laptops or PCs by pressing one simple button.

Xiaomi MIIIW S500 gaming mouse

Connectivity & Battery Life

The Xiaomi computer mouse device is compactable with the wireless synchronization system, and what this actually entails is that a user can connect the device to two computers or laptops at the same time.  Moreso, for its connection it uses the new standard (Bluetooth 5 BLE), a new standard characterized by having a lower energy consumption, as well as a high-quality transmission.

With a two AAA-battery present, it makes up perfectly for a long time work duration (BLE is a guarantee of minimum energy consumption.). Moreover, we will have to connect to our computer or tablet receiver with a USB port. To ensure a long battery life for the device it is well equipped with two rechargeable batteries.

MIIIW internal components

It is compatible with various operating systems: Windows 10, macOS 10, and Android 6. To ease switching between the types of connection available, a button is designed at the center of the device and on both sides which turns to offer a long life of up to 20 million pulses. These buttons are fast and easy to bounce, providing greater convenience when used.

Selling Points

  • Resolution: 7200DPI
  • Mouse Type: Ergonomic
  • Supports wireless and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  •  DPI Adjustment: Support
  • Compatible with various operating systems: Windows 10, macOS 10, Android 6
  • Extremely lightweight (115 grams)

Our Verdict

To do away with issues regarding a shortage in the life span of a computer mouse, lack of ease while operating (due to size and weight), poor resolution and connectivity getting lasting solutions to these will definitely help better your experience while operating your PCs and laptops. Good news is Beijing Miwu Technology has provided these solutions all in one pack with the newly launched Xiaomi MIIIW S500.

Price & Availability

You can get this MIIIW Wireless Dual Mouse at an approximate cost of 2500 rubles ($39.6). We will add the link to the store once it’s available to purchase.