Xiaomi Mijia AC - M6 - SC Air Purifier 3 featured

Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3: 6660L of Clean air per minute

In 2014, Xiaomi introduced its users to the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier, an air purifier with special features. Due to its popularity, it launched the second version of this and, now, presents a new and third version of this great product, the Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3, which is on sale at Gearbest. Compared to previous generations, this new product has been redesigned to generate more air volume without changing the size of the device, thus delivering 6660L of clean air per minute.

when filter is removed

Xiaomi Mijia Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3 (AC – M6 – SC) – Everything You Need To Know!

Purification & Noise

The optimization of the airway system increased the CADR value of the recently launched air purifier made by Xiaomi particles by 29% to 400m3/h, and the applicable area increased from 37m2 to 48m2, which can basically meet the needs of the families of little size. In addition to performance improvements, the operational sound of this new purifier remains low. Also, the operating noise direction is 32.1dB (A), which will not interfere with your nighttime sleep.


Design & Appearance

In terms of design, this Xiaomi air purifier continues to have the touch OLED round screen of the previous generation, which provides various indoor air data, as well as temperature, humidity, PM2.5 value in real-time, the operational status Purifier and network connection status. That being said, the main difference is that this new product has control buttons built into the screen, away from the top of the chassis.


It still has a tower rectangular shape with the glossy white color. The built is plastic making it slighter and portable than most purifiers. Speaking of the dimensions, the purifier occupies a space of 24.00 x 24.00 x 52.00 cm and weighs 4.8kg.

One can see the ventilation area has been increased. Moreover, the filter can also be seen across the plain body design.

Mijia Air Purifier 3
The new purifier supports 6 modes and 3 color indication of air quality

On top of that, this new air purifier made by Xiaomi has a micro-scale laser particle sensor that is capable of detecting fine micrometer-sized particles and sending comments on real-time indoor air quality changes to the Mijia smartphone application (Mi Home). Here’s the link to the app.

How to Remove and Replace the Air Filter?

One can easily remove the air filter and replace it by opening the rear section of the Purifier. The method is pretty simple and can be seen in the images:

Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3 Filter
Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3 Filter 1
Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3 RFID

The Good(s)

  • 400cbm / h particulate CADR
  • Easy to operate and remove air filter
  • OLED touch display (Air quality indicator)
  • No need to check air quality from smartphone again and again
  • Mi Home App, AI voice control (Chinese)
  • 3 layers of barrel filter purification, efficient removal of harmful substances such as PM2.5
  • Highly portable
  • Less noise in comparison to the performance

The Bad(s)

  • Availability of replacement filter
  • Voice control is in Chinese at the moment

Price & Availability

The new Xiaomi Mijia AC – M6 – SC Air Purifier 3 is available on the Gearbest page along with a great deal, leaving the product price at just $269.99.

Image Credit: MyDrivers