Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer featured

Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer Released For 79 Yuan ($11)

Xiaomi’s ecological brand Mijia brings another addition to the hair care products range with the release of Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer. It’s available for crowdfunding on the official Xiaomi Mijia website for a price of 79 yuan ($11). However, after crowdfunding it will reach its original price which is 99 Yuan ($14).

Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer poster

Let’s get into the details and know more about this budget-friendly hair-dryer from Mijia.

Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer -More Than What You Are Spending

So, how we are getting more features than what we are spending on Xiaomi Mijia hairdryer? Well, first of all, the Mijia negative ion portable hair-dryer adopts high-performance high-speed motor with a speed of up to 18000 rpm. It provides powerful power and blows out 12m/s blow. The 6-wing fan blades with professional dynamic balance adjustment ensure that the air is more gentle than other hair dryers. Moreover, the wind isn’t dry leaving your hairs dry which is harmful.

Secondly, there’s a built-in negative ion generator which instantly generates tens of millions of negative ions, release to the layer, neutralize static electricity, smoothing the hair, closing the scales, and effectively reducing the split ends of the hair, so that the hair is as soft and shiny as the care.

Xiaomi MIJIA negative ion portable Hair Dryer featured

The Mijia negative ion portable hair dryer provides 2 wind speeds as well as adjustable wind speed. The heating wire conical tower design, stepped distribution, can efficiently heat, balance the temperature guide, and coordinate the wind protection net to blow out the balanced hot air. This quickly dries your hair while reducing heat damage.

Last but not least is the design which is also a selling point. The surface of the hair-dryer is designed with a warm matte finish, which is soothing and soft. For portability, the dryer is foldable.

After the crowdfunding ends, the product will be available for international purchases. We will update you once it’s available on Aliexpress, Gearbest, and other Chinese global stores.

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