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Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 – A Smart Door Lock With App, Fingerprint Control!

If one is looking to make the entire home smart and secure, why compromise with the door lock? Much like other home appliances and products, door locks have also become smart and secure. Xiaomi Mijia OJJ X1 is a smart door lock offering a unique design with in-built fingerprint module and other 3 ways of unlocking the lock to access the home. Priced at around a surprising $250 price tag, let’s see if it really worth spending that much:


Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock – AI Recognition with 4 Types of Security

Design & Durability

The Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock features an elegant glass + metal design with curved sides for an appealing look. Moreover, the design combines several concentric rings which are from the scanner to the handle and from the handle to its base. Apart from the amazing design, it’s highly durable and secure with around 4 locks and a no spacing to make it anti-breach and anti-hack.

Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock Featured

Under the hood is the fingerprint module located in a convenient place for the thumb. Since the fingerprint marks left behind after touching are of most concern, the door lock has an anti-fingerprint coating on it so that no print remains behind.

MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock fingerprint

The OJJ X1 uses a strong horizontal lock, which corresponds to level C in terms of burglary resistance, and such locks are used in financial institutions due to their high security (Level C above level B and A). In addition, the lock has been certified for burglary resistance by the State Testing Centre of the Ministry of Public Security.

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As far as the durability is concerned, OJJ X1 uses a double German bearing, which provides more than 10 years of handle life even with 30 opening cycles every day. The metal plate in the keyboard area is shock-resistant and all internal cables and external connectors are made to the highest quality standards.

MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock 3

Furthermore, under extreme conditions, OJJ X1 lock has been successfully tested for 96 hours in salt spray, so it can be used even in coastal areas. In addition, the lock works steadily at temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to +55 ° C.

What Protection is Offers Against Bulgars?

Apart from the Level C lock and anti-fingerprint coating, if someone tries to open the door, with five incorrect code entry attempts or 15 unauthorized fingerprints, the OJJ X1 will launch a smart alert system that will not only send a notification to the local security office, but will also alert you with a notification in the Mi Home app.

The OJJ X1 uses multi-level encryption technology, the heart of which is a special security chip Mi Home, providing the highest level of data protection. The chip encrypts not only the data inside the lock but also all communications with the smartphone.

MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock fingerprint module

A few modern intruders use special Tesla coils to open electronic locks, but the OJJ X1 design is fully protected from any electromagnetic interference and radiation. All products are still factory tested for electromagnetic compatibility to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards. The smart OJJ X1 lock protects your home from threats at any level.

App & Security

Since it’s a product of Mijia Home appliances, it connects to the Mi home app along with other appliances such as Mijia Heater, AC, Filter, and sensor, etc. Thus, you can control Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock from your phone via the ‘Mi Home’ app. Another good aspect of the door lock is that when you have locked the door, you can set the Loock CatY smart camera to automatically turn on to record and send video.

For a much secure approach Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock supports four types of unlocking methods including:

  • Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth
  • Password
  • Traditional key

One can easily set multiple methods to increase security as well. Combining with the combines fingerprint recognition, image recognition, self-learning AI algorithms and other advanced technologies, MIJIA OJJ X1 make each unlock more and more secure.

MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock Key lock

If a person is not at home and a friend or relative has come to visit him, no need to panic and go home. The OJJ X1 allows you to create a one-time useable code and send it via SMS or messenger to that person so that he can rest inside, while you take your time to reach home. Besides, the Mi Home app allows you to create codes with an action schedule.

The Selling Points

  • Anti-Breach and Anti-Hack
  • 4 types of unlocks
  • Mi Home App support
  • alerts and notifications
  • Highly Durable to Glass and Steel design
  • Double German bearing
  • Level-C locking
  • Temporary locked after incorrect inputs limit reached

Price & Availability

Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock is available to purchase for a price of $249.99 on Banggood. Here’s the link to the store: