XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator

XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator – An Auto IR Sterilizer Deodorizer

Xiaomi is a globally recognized country whose sole aim is to provide consumers with the best household products so that they can live a peaceful life. They never compromise on the quality even when the price is rock bottom. The same is the case with XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator for your pet. We all have faced the situation where our house gives out the best vibes to the guests. But as soon as your smelly dog or cat shows up, everything else becomes unworthy. Don’t worry as Xiaomi has made sure that you don’t face these problems anymore and live a healthy life.

XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator – For You and The Furry Family

Design & Appearance

No offense, your pet might be small and cute but it cannot beat XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator in its attractiveness. It is the small unnoticeable product that you can place anywhere and forget about everything else. It has the purifier on its front with both the lights under it. While the charging and power switch are located on the top.

XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator

You would not believe it but this mighty strong product only weighs at 153g of the total. It’s like so carry able you can even keep it in your bag. You can place it anywhere and take it anywhere because it only measures about 99.6×51.7×41.5mm.

Built & Battery

The affordable product XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator leaves no boxes unchecked regarding the built quality of the product. Engineers at Xiaomi have made sure that they make a robust and unbreakable product. Because they know this product will be near animals and sometimes they get out of their hands. They have used Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for the building for this article. This gives it a muscular feel and becomes long-lasting.

It has a relatively big size of a battery for a device like this compact. The 2200mAh lithium battery might take 3.5 hours to charge up completely but it also can run for 3 days straight under full power.It is charged with the help of a USB port. It has two modes in working 1) Infrared 2) Timing.

Functions & Functionality

The XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator might be limited in its size but not in its functions. It can provide you with great usefulness that will help you get through life easily. It can provide a 360 degree of humidifier so it leaves no dead angles. Moreover, it can also sterilize and deodorize your fluffy and furry friends. In addition, it also provides a 70cm/120degree mode just to get the product to work in a specific place.


No consumables are required for this device to keep on running as well. It has two modes that provide different battery timings.

  1. Infrared Mode

This provides you the ease of relaxing without tensing about the controls of the device.

  1. Timing Mode

It gives you total control over the device and can change settings however you want to.

The three side outlet design allows the oxygen molecules to release more quickly and breathable.

XIAOMI PETONEER AOE010 Smart Odor Eliminator

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Pros & Cons


  • 3 Days Battery
  • 2200mAh Battery
  • 360 Degree
  • Infrared and Timing Dual Mode
  • Sterilize and Deordize


  • 3 Hours Of Charge
  • No type C
  • No Humidifier Scent
  • One Color

Our Verdict

In today’s world, it is extremely important to take care of your pet as your family member. We suggest if you care about your health and your furry family, then you should get this product. It is hassle-free and requires only charging after a long time.

Price & Availability

You can buy this modern tech of a piece from BANGGOOD at the best price of $ 22.99. It is available in only one color white.

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