Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light – Moon Light Source, LED Environment

Xiaomi recently launched its latest addition in the lighting segment. This is the Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light, a small lamp that has photosensitive detection technology, as well as infrared detection of the human body, so it can turn on automatically when you pass close to it. If you want to know all its features and also take advantage of its great discount on Gearbest, we invite you to continue reading.

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Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light

Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light – Human Body Infrared Sensing

Design & Appearance

As you can see from the images, it is a small round device with two LED lights. One of them located in the front, while the other is in the back. This design is ideal for attenuating light and only the most important surrounding areas are illuminated and visible. It has dimensions of 8.80 x 8.80 x 3.40 cm and light weight of 150g.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light

The design of the LED lights and its different modes are ideal because they make the Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light comfortable for the eyes. It has excellent performance in scintillation, stroboscopic effect, photobiological safety, glare, adjustment, color mixing, and color reproduction.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light

To stick it on the surface you prefer comes with a 3M sticker, but if you prefer, you can also hang it thanks to the rope that comes with it.


Adopt dual-mode sensors with multiple lights, so it can communicate with others lights and they turn on simultaneously as you go by. But also, it is able to turn on in conditions of low light, being very useful when it is getting dark. This way you can satisfy the needs you have in different environments.


This device has a detection range of 120° and its reading distance reaches 7 meters. The intensity level at which it is switched on depends on the condition of the environment light. As well, the color temperature or wavelength is 2700K.

Being a Xiaomi device, it can be part of the Mi Home smart system. It can be coupled with the Mi Bedside Lamp, the Xiao Ai alarm clock, the Mijia Ceiling Lamp or many of the intelligent cameras of the company. In fact, it is possible to configure it with one of these devices so that they turn on at the same time.


To control it, you can make use of the Mijia APP through Bluetooth in Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 or above. Here, the duration of lighting and brightness are customizable, but there are also solutions for different life habits, like read, watch movies or take a nap.

It is powered by three AA batteries but the power consumption of the Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light is ultra low being only 0.3W per night. It also has support for 10 months in waiting time even if it is used every night.


Specification Sheet

ModelXiaomi Philips Night Light
BrandXiaomi Philips
Light TypeLED
Power SourceBattery
Initial Lumens120lm
Color Temperature2700K
Dimensions8.80 x 8.80 x 3.40 cm
Support SystemAndroid 4.4 or iOS 8.0 or above
Package Contents1 x Xiaomi Philips Night Light
3 x AA Battery
1 x Rope
1 x Sticker
APP controlMijia


  • Detection range of 120° and 7 meters.
  • “Step by step” linkage;
  • Supports Mijia APP;
  • Compatible with other Mi Home devices.


  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price & Availability

The Xiaomi PHILIPS Night Light is currently in stock at the Gearbest store on a flash sale (34% off) at a cost of $23.99. Do not miss this opportunity because its original price is $36.