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It’s Official! Xiaomi Redmi 6 Release Date To Be June 12 – Poster Hits

6 Days From Now!

Today, @Redmi Mobile Phone on Weibo made Xiaomi Redmi 6 release date official. The sixth generation of Redmi series ‘Xiaomi Redmi 6 will release on June 12. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer also teases us that Redmi 6 will bring a new surprise upgrade. The post states:

A new generation of national mobile phones, A new surprise upgrade.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Release Date Official

Along with the post, Xiaomi also posted the poster of the release to further confirm Xiaomi Redmi 6 release date.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Release date poster

What surprise could it possibly hold? Pre-installed MIUI 10, stupendously low price, or a hardware upgrade? We already know the design and appearance of the flagship when it visited TENAA. The phone features a 5.84-inch full-screen 19:9 display along with a top-notch design. It also features dual rear camera and forges from the three-staged metal design. If that’s the surprise, well we have already spoiled it for you.

The hardware of Redmi 6 is currently unknown. But, if Xiaomi is teasing us with ‘surprise upgrade’ then it must be good. Like always, Redmi 6 will be a budget-friendly flagship inheriting ‘the below thousand yuan’ tradition.

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)


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