Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding Umbrella

Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding Umbrella – Your Umbrella is Smart Now

Xiaomi a company globe wide renowned for its revolutionary products, that can help anyone, is there any path of life. Keeping up to their brand name, they have released their all new Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding Umbrella. It is a mechanical umbrella for all your rainy hangouts so that you precious clothes and valuables don’t get destroyed. I mean we all have been in the situation, where you want to go out in the nice weather but the rain stops you. Or coming back from a magical night, but rain destroys all your good memories. So no more of that now.

Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding Umbrella – Smartness in Your Umbrella?

Appearance & Layout

Just because Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding is a machine, it is not essential that it will have wires hanging out or weird buttons all over it. It keeps the scheme of a simple but elegant umbrella and also the machinery of an automatic product.


Because its appearance is like an ordinary umbrella, so is its measurement. It only takes a small place in this big world, when folded 32cm x 12.60inch. When it opens it provides you and your special ones enough protection from the storming rain. Its capacity is 102cm x 40.67 inch under the umbrella and 116cm x 45.7inch all around.

Portable Umbrella Xiaomi WD1

Quality & Fabric

Don’t even doubt the quality of the new Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding a bit, as it is made by the best of all materials. They have used 201t cloth material for the umbrella top fabric. It gives all n all royal look to the umbrella ( despite it being cheap). It is also proved to be one of the best waterproof cloth available in the market right now. Period. The stick and the opening hook on which the umbrella opens is also very solid and reliable. As every product is tested  400 times before shipping, it perfectly tests the strength of the umbrella. This makes this product super durable and well constructed for the consumers.

Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Umbrella

Not only the product is made with hard work but also with smart work. All the beads on the end of the umbrella cloth are hidden under the material. This helps you and around you not get hurt while you open the umbrella. It has 8 fiberglass ribs on the outer side so it withstands the wind. This also prevents the umbrella from folding inside when the wind is strong.

Features & Functionality

Xiaomi WD1 Automatic Folding might seem like a simple and classic umbrella but is not. It packs a great number of functions for its size. The best function is its ABS button on the stick, which helps you unfold the umbrella with great size and saves time. Now no more putting in all your energy and strength into opening the umbrella with strange postures.

Portable Automatic Umbrella

Its rubber on the end of the umbrella stick makes it safe for everyone. I mean we all have been in that awkward stage of life, where we just hit somebody with the sharp end of the umbrella. And then asking for pardon from all the people. No more scaring off innocent animals when you open your big protector.

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Pros & Cons


  • Mechanical Button
  • Waterproof Cloth
  • Explosion Proof
  • No Rebounding after opening
  • 400 Times Checked
  • 8 Fiberglass Ribs


  • Only Black Colour
  • No Waterproof Cover For Wet Folded Umbrella
  • No Rubber On The Handle

Our Verdict

What more is there is left for this product for me to say about? We think it is a daily life usable product that can change your life. It is small, lightweight and can save you from embarrassing moments as well. So now it is up to, do you want to be a part of this technological journey.

Price & Availability

You can go and buy this product at BANGGOOD for all time best price of $ 15.99. It is available in black color and ready to be shipped out.

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