Xiaovv D6

Xiaovv D6 Preview – A Smart 1080P IP Camera, Also A Wall Lamp!

If you’ve considered getting a smart camera now may just be the perfect time to do it, Xiaovv D6 smart 1080P IP camera is not only is perfect for both, indoors and outdoors, as it works perfectly under bad weather, and it’s both, water and dustproof, but it is also a wall lamp! The beautiful design of lamp makes it attractive to the eye and the performance is just incredible, the camera can record anything in a beautiful 1920x1080P in full HD with a panoramic view that gives the recording a clearer view.

You can fully control the camera using your smartphone, monitor it in real-time and it will even keep you safe from any uninvited guests that may be creeping around your house at night, as it will start a lighting patron that will alert the thieves they’re being watched and thus, scare them off, as long as they’re within the 10 meters range of the camera, which, admittedly a pretty respectable range for a camera that will also record anything in beautiful images even at the most stormy nights.

Let’s get to know more about the IP camera + wall lamp:

Xiaovv D6 1080 IP Camera Preview – A Two-in-One Lamp and Hidden IP camera

Design & Appearance

Sadly, the only color available for the camera as the time that this preview was written is white. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the color white goes perfectly with the camera design and even gives it a sophisticated look that will never make you feel like you own a cheap camera, but a fancy one.

Design & Appearance:
The dimensions of the camera are 7 x 12 x 13cm which makes it compact and easy to carry and move around. Here’s the structure labeling of the IP camera:


Camera & Features

As previously mentioned, the camera can record anything it catches its 10 meters range and panoramic picture of 180 degrees in a beautiful 1920x1080P whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a cold rainy night. Though the range differs depending on the environment in which it is recording at night so it may be from anywhere between 5 to 10 meters, which is still pretty respectable.


In the sets of LED lights, there’s 16 Infrared sensors as well for better night vision result. The IP camera also supports ONVIF, motion detection, and has 3D Noise Reduction. Moreover, there’s the remote mobile view to see your place when you are away.

Audio & Microphone

The Xiaovv D6 comes integrated with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, it supports a two-way real-time audio transmission, which makes the experience of using it all the better, it also comes with an ADPCM audio compression standard and a self-adapting stream.


You won’t have any problems with the camera’s audio.

Connectivity & Interface

You will be able to watch through the camera’s lenses at any given time and in real-time from your smartphone or computer, thanks to its 2.4 G WIFI transmit power. And even though it cannot support 5G, it is still more than worth getting one of these smart cameras. Moreover, the two 12cm large antennas provide the best connectivity in any of the wireless IP cameras.

You will even be able to instantly relive any moment captured in the Xiaovv D6 as they’re recorded and sent to the Cloud.

Xiaovv D6 connectivity

Hardware & Storage

The manufacturer doesn’t mention the name of the camera sensor used but gives other details such as F2.3 aperture of 2.53mm lens. Under $35, we don’t expect it to be IMX 356 but a sensor from Omnivision.

It was just mentioned that anything it records will be sent to the Cloud should you choose to, but this camera also has the capability o supporting TF cards that are up to 128GB which admittedly, it’s a lot.

Storage Xiaovv D6

Finally, what is left to say about the Xiaovv D6? A beautiful, powerful camera that can record anything that crosses its lenses in a range of 10 meters, regardless of the time or environment, that will keep your house protected whenever you’re not there and that you can watch through at any given moment in the day from your smartphone or laptop. It’s simply a must-have.


  • IP Camera + Wall Lamp Design
  • IP66 certified
  • 1080p, wide-angle recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Remote Mobile View
  • Two Way Audio
  • Alert Push
  • Best value


  • The recording format is in PAL only
  • The camera sensor is not mentioned
  • No battery backup

If you are interested in premium, battery-powered IP cameras, then you might also like Xiaomi Mijia IP camera.

Price & Availability

You can grab Xiaovv D6 for a price of $31.99 USD on Banggoood. It’s available in white color only. Moreover, you can get a further discount so that the price if 29.55 USD if you apply this coupon code:


Here’s the link to the store: