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YotaPhone 3 Price & Release Date Leaked – Cheaper Than Xiaomi Mi 6

The one who introduces the dual screen display and made it trending is heading for the release of Yotaphone’s third generation on August 23. How do we know? Well, a couple of days back, Yota sent an invitation to its upcoming conference stating the launch Yota 3 on August 23 in Beijing, Russian Embassy.

YotaPhone 3 Conference Invitation

From the previous leaks, YotaPhone 3 specs and design were fully exposed. Yesterday, we found a screenshot mentioning YotaPhone 3 price of different variants of the flagship. According to the leak:

  • 64GB White Color Version for 2398 yuan ($359)
  • 64GB Black Color Version for 2498 yuan ($374)
  • 128GB White Color Version for 3098 yuan ($464)
  • 128GB Black Color Version for 3198 yuan ($479)

YotaPhone 3 Price Leaked 1 YotaPhone 3 Price Leaked

The noticeable aspect is that the starting price of the phone is cheaper than that of Xiaomi Mi 6. Yota still focuses on providing innovative phones for the best price possible.

YotaPhone 3 Price & Release Date Leaked – The Rumored Specs

YotaPhone 3 still inherits the dual screen layout with the  5.5-inch 1080P primary display and a much larger 5.2-inch E-Ink electronic ink screen. The secondary screen is rumored to be highly optimized for reading e-books and will be in the same black and white format.

Other specs include  Snapdarong 625 processor, 4GB RAM, Front 13MP shooter and a rear 12 MP camera, a battery capacity of 3200mAh, and Android 7.0 OS. Moreover, from the reports, Yulong Cool OEM production will feature the chassis of the phone.

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We should not forget that Yotaphone 3 price is a bit higher considering it as a mid-ender. However, at the same time, it also features an innovative secondary screen.