5 Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD

5 Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD | 2018 Edition

Always wondered what could be the best RGB Mechanical Keyboard under 50 USD or the RGB Mechanical Keyboards under 50 USD? A keyboard these days is an essential tool for not only Desktops but also laptops and even smartphones. However, there are a large variety and categories to choose from. One can use normal membrane keyboards instead of a mechanical one for its functionality, but true typists and gamers know that it is way different from using a tissue for cleaning instead of old paper. But most mechanical keyboards are hard to obtain as they are generally higher priced, though it’s worth for the value.

In this list, we shall see keyboards which are cheap, effective and trendy, and also be your personal typist wherever you wish to type out a love poem, a fascinating mystery novel or perhaps smash the perfect combination to beat your opponent in competitive gaming. Here are the Top 5 RGB Mechanical Keyboards under 50.

The Best of RGB Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD – Let The Countdown Begin!


The MOTOSPEED CK101 has the durability, styling, and responsiveness, and adds multiple colors backlight for virtually 14 lighting effects combinations. This high-grade mechanical keyboard employs the best selection of Switches available. With wonderful backlight design, CK 101 mechanical keyboard has shown the keys more clearly than most mechanical keyboards. It operates on full N-key rollover which proves a smooth experience. It gives a quick response and personal control to master several keystrokes.

It has 2 major switches: a Blue switch which more is suitable for both typing and gaming; Red switch, which is more suitable for gaming keystrokes. Like most mechanical keyboards, it has a series of shortcut function keys. Its design is quite compact, however, lacks the Numpad hence not useful for those users who use Numpad for calculations and tallies.

No doubt it’s a great RGB Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD and that’s why it’s featured in our list of 5 Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD.

Why do we like it?

  • Optimal key switches
  • Smooth typing experience
  • Compact design

Any Cons?

  • Does not have NUMPAD
  • Key spacing is similar to membrane keyboards

ThePhoneTalks Rating: 7.8/10

Cost: $48.62

Buy MOTOSPEED CK101 NKRO Mechanical Keyboard on Gearbest for just $48.62Best Deal Via ThePhoneTalks

4) Ajazz NKRO

One of the simplest and yet, a major contrast from most mechanical keyboards, the Ajazz NKRO has a white keyboard, unlike most keyboards that tend to black gaming keyboards. It’s design and key spacing is suitable for anyone wishing to play in a godly manner or if you are generally a LoL player.

With virtually unlimited customization directly integrated into Ajazz with programmable advanced ABS circular retro double color injection cap. It features an anti-ghosting all-key function which helps all gamers to avoid certain input lag and perform multiple key press combinations. This is something a gamer always wants and what’s better to have a top RGB Mechanical Keyboard under 50 USD.

Why do we like it?

  • White Keyboard(a contrast from others)
  • Anti-Ghosting feature
  • Ergonomic Design

Any Cons?

  • Key letterings are difficult to read at times
  • Can be overly distracting with backlit keys that tend to be too bright
  • Overpriced for its features

ThePhoneTalks Rating: 8.2/10

Cost: $49.42

Buy Ajazz NKRO Mechanical Keyboard on Gearbest for just $48.62Best Deal Via ThePhoneTalks

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The METOO ZERO X08 is the only keyboard in our list with a metallic finish, instead of general hard plastic. Although the keys are in plastic the components are made from aluminum which is then polished over. The keys are more spaced compared to the items above making it easier to distinguish the key press which is apt for the most typist.

The major drawback is the full design as it was a bad choice to integrate a dark color keyset with a metallic finish and has RBG backlit options. The design choice for this device in our opinion is poor. However, regardless of this, it is one of the smoothest and comfortable keyboards we had the chance to type on.

Why do we like it?

  • Great Value for money
  • Smooth key rollover
  • Generous key-spacing

Any Cons?

  • Terrible Design
  • Aluminium body and backlit key may not be appeasing for all

ThePhoneTalks Rating: 8.3/10

Cost: $36.89

Buy METOO ZERO X08 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on Gearbest for just $36.89Best Deal Via ThePhoneTalks

2) E - 3LUE K757 Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

In terms of durability, the E - 3LUE K757 tops in the list in this key factor. It has an astonishing wearing of 50 million keystroke combination which will then only start degrading at this point. This is possible by implementing the aluminum panel.

Of most aluminum-based mechanical keyboards, this keyboard has proved to design worthy with a generic black look and properly suspended keycaps which makes that “click” all the more satisfying. Surely, the sturdy aluminum based RGB Mechanical Keyboard under 50 USD will survive the hard keystrokes while playing games.

Why do we like it?

  • Great Value for money
  • Suspended keycaps
  • Proper gaming design
  • Aluminum panel
  • High Durability

Any Cons?

  • Limited backlit options
  • Minimal key switch

ThePhoneTalks Rating: 9.1/10

Cost: $45.58

Buy E - 3LUE K757 Mechanical Keyboard on Gearbest for just $45.58Best Deal Via ThePhoneTalks

1) Alfawise V1 Mechanical Keyboard

For all gamers and typists out there, this is the pinnacle of cheap mechanical gaming keyboard which does guarantee a top spot on our list. The Alfawise V1 features mechanical switches to deliver a typing experience which is amazing. The device delivers distinct tactile feedback. However, with flexible removable key-caps, it supports DIY possibilities which are constructed with floating keys so that it gives a must better and cost-effective solution for the fatigue.

Its ergonomic design and generous key spacing makes it a perfect product for those on budget gaming and also look good while playing it. Apart from the normal features from most gaming keyboards, it adopts a professional game chip which helps in assigning keystrokes giving you an edge over others, thus providing the best gaming experience for an RGB Mechanical Keyboard under 50 USD.

Why do we like it?

  • Great Value for money
  • Suspended keycaps
  • Ergonomic gaming design
  • Generous key-spacing
  • DIY Customization

Any Cons?

  • Lower Durability
  • Uses plastic panels

ThePhoneTalks Rating: 9.6/10

Cost: $48.69

Buy Alfawise V1 Mechanical Keyboard on Gearbest for just $48.69Best Deal Via ThePhoneTalks

We hope you liked our list of 5 Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD. Did we missed any worthy RGB Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD? Let us know in the comments.