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Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 You Need To Know

Last month, Xiaomi released the major update for its customized UI. The new MIUI 9 is indeed the world fastest Android OS till date. MIUI 9 developers highlighted the main features of the OS in the conference, but there are some hidden features in MIUI 9 as well. Some features might be known to you but we promises that there are some features which will totally surprise you. So, let The Phone Talks reveal the top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9:

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 – Doubles The Fun

1) Split-Screen

Although you might not have expected this one in the list of top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9 but trust us it is a hidden feature. Xiaomi provided the feature with the latest MIUI 8.2 developer update for most Xiaomi smartphones. Yet, during MIUI 9 conference the split-screen feature was never mentioned.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Split-Screen

For those who are not aware of the ‘Split-Screen’ feature, you can recall it with the multi-windows function. The features allow two apps to run and operate on the same screen with two different windows. However, some of the apps are not compatible with the feature. To overcome this problem is increasing the app compatibility with the upcoming updates. In short, it’s one of the greatest highlights of MIUI 9 and dramatically improves multitasking.

2) Home Screen Editing

Xiaomi has a completely redesigned home screen editing with the MIUI 9 desktop editor. From the two finger pinch allows to quickly customize home screen icons, the layout of gadgets, and even delete many applications at the same time. MIUI 9 has combined all the three main editors (set wallpaper, Add widget, icon placement) at one place.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - New home screen editor

  • Modify Wallpaper: Click the background to modify the wallpaper. It will redirect you to the wallpaper settings page, where it is easy to preview and replace the wallpaper.
  • Add a Widget: In the Add Widget page, a complete list of desktop widgets are located with the search option to make it more convenient. By long pressing, the widget can be quickly added to the desktop.
  • Optimize multiple icons & screens: Now comes the best feature of the home screen editor. You can select multiple icons by clicking on the upper right corner of the app. Before moving on to the other page, you can preview those icons on the other screens. No need to drag those icons to the edge of the screen, you can now move them to any page by dragging them to the preview screens shown at the bottom. Moreover, you can also sequence your screens and make one as your home screen just by dragging and swiping them. So simple, isn’t it? Isn’t it the coolest one in the list of top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - New home screen editor 1

3) Smart Automatic Notification Filtering

Are you tired of those annoying notifications in your notification bar? Worry no more because the MIUI 9 notification column relies on smart device learning. By analyzing the source of the notification and the action of clicking, deleting, blocking, etc. to the notification, giving each notification a score, automatically closing the low score, it reduces the interference of unimportant notifications to you.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Smart notification filter

4) The New Simple Lock Screen

Xiaomi CEO ‘Lei Jun’ said that MIUI 9 aim is to be simple, fast, and secure, and it’s damn true. The simplicity appears at the first moment when the OS starts, and the lock screen appears. Instead of making it stylish, MIUI 9 goes with the idea to make it plain and easy to use.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Lock Screen

The Developers have added only the important and most frequent used options on the lock screen. As it’s a Chinese ROM, features such as the flashlight, Mi account, universal remote control, Mi Pay, Mi bus card have made accessible without unlocking the phone.

5) The All New SMS Homepage

SMS are getting more and more text based these days. MIUI 9 new SMS interface is in chronological order. It can browse and manage SMS more efficiently. Moreover, it can be more quickly set to read or delete notification text messages.  Authentication code grouping function has been added. Here are the most noticeable and hidden changes that enlist this in our list of top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9:

  • New homepage: You can now see the new text messages in the text of the first page with a higher degree of recognition so that you browse and find text messages more conveniently. To highlight the recent short messages and improve search efficiency, MIUI 9 SMS home page has classified the messages in three categories named as today, yesterday, earlier.
  • Batch reading: Reading messages one by one can be a real. MIUI 9 has overcome the problem by collecting and placing all the unread text messages at one place, in bulk selection state with the “all read” function. This may reduce your anxiety and improve user’s readability.
Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - SMS Batch Read
SMS homepage categorized
  • Intelligent verification code grouping: MIUI 9 automatically searches for the verification code SMS received on your phone and groups them in a letter format. It is possible to see all the codes at a single time rather than opening one by one.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Verfication Mode Grouping

6) Two Silent Modes Added

The newly designed MIUI 9 silent mode provides strong protection when you need to stay focused. Now through the volume control panel, you can quickly turn on two silent modes: Standard Silent Mode and Do not interfere mode.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Mute button 1
The Mute button located at the top right
Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Silent Mode
Two Silent Modes

Also, you don’t need to scroll the volume bar back to mute the phone; there’s a mute button introduced on the top right side of the volume bar. Furthermore, you can also set timings for both modes.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Mute button
Time Scheduling the silent modes

7) One Key Login (Coming Soon in Next Update)

You might have never heard of this feature, but the one key login function will allow the user to directly registration or login Mi Account instead of typing the email and password. Thus, this feature will greatly reduce the time to log in your Mi account. Meanwhile, if you haven’t made an account yet, MIUI 9 smartphone by default is using already using the phone number to make a key and register to a new Mi account. No need to fill up all the information. It’s a one-click signup and sign-in. Everything is safe and secure like never before.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - One key login

8) Set Your Short keys and Gestures (Coming Soon in Next Update)

In the previous MIUI, the short keys and gesture system was all scattered. MIUI 9 integrates the re-sorted short keys and gestures. You can set these as your desire and can combine them as well so that the daily control of mobile phones become handy.

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Short keys and gestures

  • Short Tutorial Based on short keys and Gestures: MIUI 9 system supports a total of eight short keys and gestures combination. There will be a short animation, a tutorial on how to set and customize the function, thus making it easy to learn and remember.
Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - Short keys and gestures 1
A short animation is shown above every gesture as tutorial

9) Direct Services Introduced

The last one in the list of the top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9 is the introduction of direct service. In the new version of MIUI, you don’t need to download and install an app to use its service. When you want to use an application or service, you can search it in the Mi application store “direct service” category to open the relevant direct services; can also be opened in the desktop activities into the global search. Enter the keyword, click on the search results and open it immediately. (If your smartphone has already installed that service, that service will not show in the direct service search result).

Top 9 Hidden Features of MIUI 9 - The Direct Service

Right now, only a few apps support the direct service function. MIUI direct service is inviting the industry’s influential third-party application developers to participate in the closed beta, to make more apps compatible with the service.

Hope you liked your top 9 hidden features of MIUI 9. Which one is your favorite? We will be glad to talk about it in the comment section below.