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Android 9.0 Will Remove the Notification Bar Quick Settings Function

We believe that almost every Android user uses the notification bar quick settings function to further access to the settings of basic phone features such as Bluetooth, Hotspot and, WiFi. However, sadly, you can’t do that in the upcoming Android 9.0 (P). Why? Because Google is going to remove the Notification Bar Quick Setting Function in Google’s Android P (9.0).

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That’s right! So what if almost every person uses this function and directly set the settings of a specific feature or function of the phone, but Google thinks that it’s useless.

Android Oreo (8.0 & 8.1) Vs Android P (9.0) – The Difference in the Notification Bar & Quick Settings

As you can see in the notification bar of Android 9.0 (right), the visual is great. This time instead of separating the icons with the dull square shaped grey colored border. Android P uses the white and color contrast to differentiate between the turned on and off functions. When the function is turned off, we see a grey circle around the icon and when turned on the circle turns to blue. In short, Android P like Pie went from straight-squared borders to a much appealing rounded-corner aesthetic.

Android 9.0 vs Android 8.0 - Notification Bar
Android 9.0 (Right) vs Android 8.1 (Left) – Notification Bar

Sadly, like said at the start, the quick settings function from the notification bar is removed. In the notification bar of Android 8.1 (Left), we can clearly see there’s the arrowhead near every function to further expand it in another window and set it. However, in Android 9.0, there’s no arrowhead. The even long press won’t open the settings of that function in a new window. The icons can simply turn off and on. Sad, isn’t it.

Let’s see what justification will Google provide this time for removing this function. We hope that the notification bar quick settings function will not get removed in the stable Android P. For now, users who are trying Android 9.0 Developer Preview, are forced to go to settings and then set the settings of different functions.