AUN F30UP - Full HD Projector

AUN F30UP – Full HD Projector

Courtesy of the AUN brand, we present the new 6500 Lummes AUN F30UP Full HD Projector with Android 9.0 (2G + 16G), with WIFI MINI LED for home theater-style projections and 4K Beamer video support.

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AUN F30UP Projector – Design and Appearance

We have a simple but elegant and yet light rectangular design projector. The F30 weighs only 3.21 kilograms and has dimensions of 350 x 345 x 140 mm, comes in a white presentation and is accompanied by a black remote control, which allows a more practical and interactive manual mode. It is made with ABS that ensure its strength and durability. Also, the lens located on the right side of the projector is coated with high transmittance glass, making it resistant to high temperatures and heat deformation, ensuring that the image does not distort.

AUN F30UP Projector - Design and Appearance

The projector has a sealing system, which is optimal for not needing a replacement in its parts, and together with the mentioned qualities make the projector a convenient option that combines style, strength, and quality.

AUN F30UP Projector – Features

The power consumption of the F30 is 110W, while its LED power is 75 W and the lifetime of the LED is 30.000 to 50.000 hours, thanks to its Industrial LED screen. It has two pieces of Speaker HIFI, so you do not need external speakers to listen to the audio.

AUN F30UP Projector - Features

The F30P has different installation modes (Meeting different using environment), so that it can be used as a Hoisting ceiling (4 screws), on the stand and the desk, facilitating any kind of presentation or event either formal or entertainment. It integrates a heating system in the fan that guarantees stability and a long service life, the sound emission of the projector was tested with real fan noise test data, while they were tested in the environment, certifying that their noise level is almost the same as the environment, which makes the F30 a very quiet projector.

AUN F30UP Projector – Hardware and Performance

The F30 is integrated with Android 9.0, certified by Google. This operating system makes possible the 4K visualization of the different programs such as Netflix and YouTube in 1080p. It has a very versatile maximum performance Amlogic S905X CPU that offers full program integration, complemented by its 2G RAM and 16G ROM storage capacity. That makes it compatible with all kinds of smart devices such as computers, PC, Laptop and tablets.

AUN F30UP Projector – Image

In terms of projection and image the F30 has an aspect ratio of 16: 9/4: 3, can project at a distance of 1 to 5 meters, the screen size can be 50-200 inches, and its throw radius is 1.38: 1.

AUN F30UP Projector - Image

The projection capabilities are quite remarkable especially for being so small, that it also has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and a power source of 130 Watts, its brightness update is 6500 lumens and a range of 3800 – 6500 lumens (maximum value). The image quality and projection are complemented by the Industrial LCD screen with high-temperature resistance, which can be used for up to 3000 hours, without image discoloration, which ensures that the color remains bright after prolonged times.

AUN F30UP Projector - Image

Finally, the F30 has 4K resolution support, which makes it faster for high-quality playback that also completes the red-blue 3D playback capability, the image quality of the projector provides an ideal home theater experience.

AUN F30UP Projector – Price

Now, if you are interested in acquiring the AUN F30UP you can do it easily through the Banggood online store and only for $238.99.