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Here’s The List of Chargers Supporting Quick Charge 4+ (Certified)

Nearly after two and a half year of its official release, Quick Charge 4+ hasn’t been that good when it comes to its integration in smartphones. The previous generation (Quick Charge 3) was adapted much quicker by the smartphone manufacturers in comparison to the latest QC 4+. In fact, there are only 18 smartphones till date featuring the Quick Charge 4+ technology. Among those 18 flagships, most phones only have hardware supporting it not the software. Even the original chargers that come with the flagships support Quick Charge 3.0. That’s the reason why we see limited availability and list of chargers supporting Quick Charge 4+, sold separately.

List of Chargers Supporting Quick Charge 4+

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List of Chargers Supporting Quick Charge 4+

However, Qualcomm has officially compiled the list of Quick Charge 4+ chargers till date. Here’s the list of such chargers:

  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073au)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073kr)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073my)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073vf)
  • BQ wall charger
  • Cellular Italia wall charger (SPA-KSA-30P-D5)
  • Ever Win car charger (VP4plus)
  • Ever Win wall charger (TC4Plus)
  • HAMA wall charger (00178273)
  • HAMA wall charger (00178274)
  • Honor wall charger (ADT-18ATA-PCG)
  • Ktech wall charger (KSA-30P-D5)*
  • Portway wall charger (PTL-27WPDQ4)
  • Razer Phone power adapter
  • SIRIN LABS wall charger (KSA-30P-D5)

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Availability Of These Quick Chargers 4+ Chargers

We were only able to find two chargers (HAMA wall charger and Razer Phone power adapter) from the list that are available to purchase (limited to a few countries). Usually, the Chinese chargers are available before others for international purchase but for two years now we were unable to find such charger supporting 24W charging with QC 4+ technology, on Aliexpress, Gearbest, and other Global Chinese stores. However, we will update you once these chargers (or any other new release) are available for international purchase.


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  1. I do have to wonder if this state of affairs is because Google is pressuring Qualcomm to abandon Quick Charge on their Android platform in favor of the standard USB Power Delivery 3.0? Personally, that would suit me just fine, but there’s a lot of technical debt salteds with the whole QC series and backward compatibility would be nice to see, even if just for a few more years before the standard completely does out.


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