i200000 Pro TWS Review – Rename, GPS, and The Best Sound from AirPods Clone

As expected, the second generation of the replicas of the AirPods Pro has arrived. The i200000 Pro TWS is the fake AirPods Pro replicas after the first model which was i100000 TWS. So what are the differences this time? To answer this, we will be reviewing this earphone. So, let’s get into the details of this i200000 Pro TWS Review:

Although it is also true that as it is very easy to change names, it may be the case that devices with the name of i100000 also offer these features, but we will see.

Rename, GPS, and The Best Sound from AirPods Clone

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Rename, GPS, and The Best Sound from AirPods Clone

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Packing

  • x2 headphones (right and left)
  • x1 instruction manual
  • x1 charging cable
  • 4 x replacement silicone earbuds

I have nothing to object to the packaging. The manufacturer tries it’s best to mimic the boxing of the original Apple AirPods. However, on one of the sides of the box, we do get to see the i200000 Pro features and its parameters. Opening the box, we see the first impression of the earphone’s case.

As for the manual, it’s written in both Chinese and English. It’s good to see that this time we have 4 replacement ear tips.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Packing

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Design and Appearance

The manufacturer says that these are the 1:1 super copy of the current original AirPods Pro on the market. The 1:1 is related to the design and appearance, however, the weight is not the same as the original AirPods. Having said that, they don’t have any water resistance or sweat-proof certification.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Design and Appearance

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Instruction and Functions

Instead of finding where the sensor is, the i200000 Pro has this black part on each earphone to let you know where the touch sensor is located. You can look at the instruction manual that comes by default. But, if you want to check how they work before buying them, we leave you a list of the most used functions:

  • Pause or play a song: a tap on the right or left earphone
  • Answer or hang up a call: a tap on the right or left earphone
  • Next song: two taps on any earphone
  • Rewind song: three taps on any earphone
  • Activate voice assistant (Google Assistant or Siri): press and hold.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – How Do They Work?

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Battery & Features

Considering the battery life of these earphones, it’s around 4 to 6 hours according to the manufacturer. However, after a few tests, we have realized that the correct time is around 4 hours at a medium to high volume. The type C + lightning cable is something new we have seen in all these fake AirPods. In relation to the charging times, it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the case completely from 0% to 100%. I really wish that these fake AirPods come with a fast charge soon.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Battery

Here are the features of these earphones compared to the i100000 TWS.

Model i200000 Pro i100000
Copy Level 1:1 Super Copy (size) 1:1 Super Copy (size)
Touch control Yes Yes
Rename Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
In-ear detection Yes Yes
Wireless Charging (Qi) Yes Yes
Real Battery Window Yes Yes
In-Ear sensor Yes Yes
Auto Turn On/Off Yes Yes
Pressure Touch Control No No
Volume Slide No No
Sound 8D, Enhanced High Bass 8D, High Bass
Noise Reduction (Microphone) 1:1 Physical Noise Reduction 1:1 Physical Noise Reduction
Pop-up Window 0.5 Seconds 0.7 Seconds

Honestly, there’s no major update or differences in the i200000 Pro from the previous i100000 TWS. There’s the only improvement in noise reduction and sound quality which aren’t that great. These two aspects are always mediocre in the fake Chinese AirPods from i7 to i900000 TWS and can’t compete with the original Apple AirPods.

Having said that, there is a delay in Pop-up window animation, small, but it exists at the end. Also, audio and image go hand in hand, however, there is a small lag that is not at all annoying, so the experience remains remarkable. This happens when watching videos on YouTube or movies and series on Netflix, so if your main objective is to listen to music you will not have any problem, although it is not at all annoying.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Sound Quality

Naturally, these headphones offer the configuration of active noise cancellation. However, this does not work. Instead, the manufacturer say that it’s physical noise reduction. Lol. These means like every other earphone with good fitting and ear tips, they physically provide noise reduction from the outside environment. A good fitting earphone will also provide this reduction.

The sound of the i200000 TWS Pro closely resembles the most prominent copies of the AirPods Pro but remember I said the copies not the original AirPods. That being said, one of its flaws is in the hands-free, since in open spaces and with a lot of air it becomes an impossible task to have a conversation. Also, it is worth mentioning that as with some headphones, they exaggerate the bass by default and leave low tones unnoticed.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Sound Quality

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Connectivity

i200000 Pro TWS has a Bluetooth 5.0 module for connectivity up to 10 meters. I do hear people complaining about the connectivity issues and defected models sent to them. However, I didn’t experience any of this. I advise everyone to buy from a store that has good ratings of these earphones. There are tons of Chinese manufacturers making this model and each of them varies so be careful.

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Connectivity & Features

i200000 Pro TWS Review – Price

Concerning their market price, these fake AirPods Pro are available in the AliExpress online store next to an incredible price of $25.

Our Verdict

Ending the i200000 Pro TWS review, I do think that these earphones are decent for the price. However, I do miss some features like the pressure touch and volume slider, which are available on other AirPods copies for the same price. However, most of them are copies of AirPods Gen 2, not the AirPods Pro. You can take a look at them as well in our i9000 TWS vs i90000 Pro vs i90000 Max vs Apple AirPods 2 comparison review.