i100000 TWS

i100000 TWS Review – Finally A Real 1:1 Airpods Super-Copy!

Times changed for the better. The technology that was once complicated or rough in design gradually adapts to our needs. Listening to music wherever has become one of the most common entertainment methods, but until recently you had two options: or put the music at maximum volume for everyone to listen to, or use large, cumbersome headphones. And although the headphones gradually reduced their size, they were still uncomfortable with the cables. But that was in the past, and today you will see why with this i100000 TWS Airpods Review.

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Specs Sheet And Comparisons

i100000 TWSi9000 TWSi20000 TWSi30000 TWSi50000 TWS
Music Playback 5 hours3 – 3.5 hours4.5 hours3 – 4 hours3.5 – 4 hours
Wireless ChargingYesYesYesYesYes

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Design

At the design level, we find earphones that obviously have a shape similar to that of Apple’s Airpods Pro, that is, a white body with a pad to accommodate our ear. Although this brand already has time-making earphones, and it is not the first time that it uses this format. We can say that they are very similar to other versions in this section, such as the i90000 TWS.

i100000 TWS

The i100000 TWS comes in a white case that will help us recharge and store them while we are not using them.

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Features

The first feature is what is expected from a wireless earphone, and is its ability to connect to different Smartphones without the need for cables; this is achieved thanks to a 1536U chip that provides Bluetooth 5.0 connection for both iOS and Android devices.

Both earphones can be used individually or together. Both have touch buttons that allow us to control the order of the songs and other functions, such as answering calls or activating the corresponding voice assistants of each operating system.

i100000 TWS Features

Another interesting function that is preserved is the smart sensor that allows them to play music when they detect that they are in our ear and stops if we remove them.

An exclusive feature for users of iOS phones is that the i100000 TWS has GPS positioning, so we can find other users of these earphones or simply find our lost ones.

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Battery

Battery life is an important aspect when it comes to wireless products. We can confirm in this i100000 TWS Airpods review that the product has a duration comparable to Apple Airpods, easily reaching 5 hours when listening to music, or 3 hours if we are on a constant call.

The recharge, as we mentioned before, is done by the case. This can be recharged traditionally with the USB cable included in the package, or failing that, with a wireless charging base that we must buy separately. Thanks to its Quick Charge function, recharging them will be a matter of minutes.

Anyways, we should not be afraid of running out of battery, since we can monitor at all times the remaining charge of both earphones and the case.

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Sound Quality

The sound quality has been greatly improved thanks to a new bass system with triple-band equalization and with the 1:1 noise cancellation function, similar to that offered by Apple Airpods, so there will be no problem generated neither by the Bluetooth signal nor by the external noise. Although there are still some differences with respect to those of Apple, these are minimal, especially considering the cost of both.

i100000 TWS Review Sound

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Connectivity

As we mentioned before, the i100000 TWS has a 1536U chip, which allows for more reliable data transmission and a connection with the Smartphone in only 0.5 seconds.

i100000 TWS Connectivity

Additionally, connecting the earphones is a very simple process. If we have an iPhone, it will be enough to enable Bluetooth and open the case of the i100000 TWS so that a pop-up window appears indicating that they have connected.

In the case of Android phones, as the connection is not made automatically, we will have to press for 3-4 seconds the back button that is in the charging case for our Smartphone to identify it.


  • New 1536U Bluetooth Chip that allows 0.5 seconds connections.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 1:1 noise cancellation.
  • Enhanced bass with triple-band equalizer.
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life with a single charge.
  • The case has wireless charging.

Our Verdict

Have you ever dreamed of having Apple Airpods at an affordable price? Well then don’t expect an offer that will never come and choose the i100000 TWS Airpods. From this manufacturer they have managed to recreate an experience similar to the product of the most popular apple in the world, but with a more accessible price.

All the functions that make Apple’s Airpods famous are found in the i100000 TWS, such as voice control, wireless recharging, battery life, ergonomics in design and great sound quality thanks to 1:1 noise cancellation.

i100000 TWS Airpods Review – Price & Availability

If you are looking for a special gift for this Christmas, or just for a replacement to your old headphones, then the i100000 TWS is an option to consider. Here’s the link to the stores on Aliexpress: