(COUPON) Grab Ninebot MAX G30 For An Incredible Price Of $779.99

Over the years, electric scooters have become one of the most used products by users around the world, and it is not for less, since those small and light products are able to take us anywhere we need. One of these much needed devices is the Ninebot MAX G30, and today, we are going to talk about its features, in addition to being available in Banggood with an incredible deal.

Do not take more time and see what this product has to offer.

(COUPON) Grab Ninebot MAX G30 For An Incredible Price Of $779.99

Ninebot MAX G30 –  Specification table

Brand Ninebot
Model MAX G30
Climb angle About 20%
Operating temperature -10 to 40℃
Storage temperature -20 to 50℃
Waterproof level IPX5
Charging time About 6 hours
Rated voltage 36V DC
Charging voltage 42V DC
Charging temperature 0 to 40℃
Rated capacity 551Wh
Rated power 350W
Output Power 121W
Input voltage 100-240V  50/60 Hz
Output voltage 42V DC
Output current 2.9A
Brake light LED tail light
Mode switching Energy saving mode, standard mode, sport mode
Front and back Vacuum tire  Natural + synthetic + rubber
Size 1167 x 472 x 1203 mm
Folding size 1167 x 472 x 534 mm
Suit height 120 to 200cm
Suit age 14 to 50 years old
Max load 100 kg
Net weight 19.1 kg

Ninebot MAX G30 – It Has Tires Of The Highest Quality

While it is not a secret that the different scooters that are currently available in the market are very similar in terms of design, something that differentiates them is the features they have, and something that makes this Ninebot product so special is the great quality with which it has its tires. In this scooter, you can see a tire specially made to absorb any blow in the best way, regardless of what type of terrain you are in, whether it is a city street or a road in the countryside, with dirt and stones.

It is able to move forward regardless of the adversities or the different factors that are on the floors, so the user can feel safe at all times.

Ninebot MAX G30 – It Has Tires Of The Highest Quality

Ninebot MAX G30 – It Comes With An LED Display

Another feature that makes this scooter different from the others is the fact that it has an LED screen located on the handlebar. That small color screen will be able to show the user the amount of battery the product has, as well as other factors, among which are the amount of time and kilometers traveled. It can also be used to switch between the three modes of use found on this scooter: energy saving mode (ECO), standard mode (D) and sport mode (S).

These three options will always be available on the screen, and to select one, all you have to do is double click on one of them, and the product will change automatically.

Ninebot MAX G30 – It Comes With An LED Display

Ninebot MAX G30 – High Quality Folding Desing

One of the most annoying moments that users go through when they stop using their scooter is to store it in a safe place inside the home, since many of them do not have the possibility of being folded and stored in a small place. In short, this does not happen with this Ninebot scooter, since it can be folded in a completely compact way, so it can be stored anywhere, regardless of space.

Also, it comes with a safety lock, which will prevent the scooter from unfolding for no reason, damaging any part of our home or injuring someone.

Ninebot MAX G30 – High Quality Folding Desing

Ninebot MAX G30 – Kinetic Energy Into Electrical Energy

This electric scooter is equipped with a special energy system, which is based on a system that recovers the energy used throughout the day. When using it, just by pressing the brake or releasing the throttle, a specific amount of energy will be attracted, and that kinetic energy will be converted into electrical energy, giving it a longer life time.

Kinetic Energy Into Electrical Energy

Ninebot MAX G30 – Five-digit Password Lock

For many people, safety is one of the most important factors when buying a new product, and Ninebot thought about this a lot when creating and launching this scooter. The most amazing feature that this product brings is a special device that is based on a hose, which has a password lock. This lock has five digits, which can be strategically placed by the user.

At the moment of using this scooter on the street and having the need to enter a store, it can be placed next to a tube or pole, being secured thanks to the hose and the special padlock that it has, avoiding the theft.

Five-digit Password Lock

Price & Availability

Having talked about the specifications and features found within this product, we will now talk about its price and availability. The Ninebot MAX G30 is available in the Banggood store along with a price of $899.99, but due to an amazing deal, which will work at the time of placing coupon code 09ea29, this product will end with a heart attack price of $779.99, and you can buy it by clicking on the following purchase button: